Pick A Boo! Week 4: Onto the lace (at last)

Pick A Boo! Week 4
It's taken me so long to get this post up, there isn't much light left for photos but I am delighted to be on the lace section (at last!). It's a shame it took me until the school holidays to get there on a knit that should have been finished in a few days (see yesterday's post for more on that!) but thankfully the lace is straightforward so it won't be long until I can cast on another!

There are so many gorgeous shawls (some finished, some in progress) on the Ravelry group, you may like to pop over to visit if you haven't already. Lots of people are onto their second shawl already, but there's another month if you would still like to join in, and for those who are already blogging along, here's the linky. Come back tomorrow for some FOs! 


  1. Thanks for hosting the KAL! I'm finally joining in the blog along!
    Mine is also taking a long time- but only because I've been neglecting it for other things :( But hopefully I will get it and possible another done by the end of August! xxx

  2. Lovely and you sure have made up for lost time while your wrist was out of commission. I will be doing my post about the shawl later today!

  3. Hooray on almost being done!

  4. Knitting time sometimes comes in big dollops and other times is scarce....mine has been scarce of late, but I finally feel like I'm making progress....glad you made it to the lace and that obviously your RSI is a bit better. Typical it's th hols now, but I'm likin your list of strategies below, especially the markers on pattern repeats, great idea!

  5. I finished mine yesterday, yay!! You'll be done quite quickly. Luckily the lace portion isn't very big.

    Thank you so much Sarah for organising the KAL. I've thoroughly enjoyed it x


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