Pick A Boo! Week 3

My complete lack of knitting on this project in the last week hasn't once stopped me from considering casting on another shawl. This Fyberspates silk laceweight is so pretty and I'm wondering which Boo Knits pattern might suit it. Which Boo Knits pattern would you cast on with it? 
Pick A Boo! KAL week 3
So that's my Dragonfly Wings so far - I thought I'd show you the way that the simple bar increases look in the middle section - I hope they will look pretty and completely intentional (they weren't, in my haste, there was a lack of attention) when it's finished and blocked. 

In advance of tomorrow's birthday, my to-do list is as long as my arm, so I won't tell you about the many beautiful shawls already on Instagram and the Ravelry Group, or about the second shawls many people are casting on for the knitalong. Instead I'll invite you to visit the group and any links that appear in the box below. If you haven't cast on yet, there is plenty of time as the knitalong continues until the end of August. You can find all the details here. Hopefully I'll have some more progress to show you next Thursday!


  1. I think you should make a "Temptress" shawl with that yarn, it's so pretty!

    Enjoy your shawl, it's looking great :)

  2. Oh I love that yarn, I'm a huge fan of Fyberspates anyway and am doing my Leprechaun one in Fyberspates silk and it's sooooo gorgeous to knit with. I've just done Quite Continental and it's a pretty one, I've downloaded Temptress which is just so lovely as my next one and the other I've my eye on is Fragile Heart. I think though I could go on and on and on as they are all gorgeous !

  3. ooooo pretty! That is delicious. Have fun knitting with that. Can't wait to see what you make.

  4. I love Boo Knits designs, Dragonfly wings has been in my queue forever ;) I think you should make As You Wish - but that might be my love of The Princess Bride clouding my choice ;)

    Love that yarn, so pretty.

  5. Boy, that lace yarn is skinny! You are so patient with shawl projects.

  6. I love Boo Knits patterns, I'd be tempted to knit an out of darkness with your fyberspates yarns, I just loved knitting that pattern :)

  7. That is a gorgeous skein of Fyberspates. I think any shawl design would look gorgeous knitted in that :)


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