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Imagine the scene. You've been putting off doing the ironing, but get to the point where it HAS to be done. To soften the blow, you get your laptop and cue up the new episode of your favourite podcast. A few minutes in, and THIS happens...
I will admit that I let out a little yelp! This is very exciting. I have mentioned the Must Stash podcast here previously because Stacie and Steph are just lovely and clearly enjoy making it so much - it really feels like you're having a (knit and) natter with friends. If you're visiting for the first time on their recommendation - WELCOME and thank you for stopping by - you have made my day. 

For those who saw yesterday's spinning update you will know to expect little in the way of knitting today, but I'm pleased to show you some progress on Hermione's Everyday Socks. I'm onto the leg and want to make them a little longer before the rib - who knows, I might even have an FO before the end of the week! 
WIPs & books June 26th
As well as the distraction of spinning, I've been reading every night. Almost two years ago I wrote about our friend Dean Crawford /"Deano" and his first novel Covenant, which went on to become a best-seller. This week Dean's new book - The Chimera Secret - has been released (with special low price on the Kindle edition) and his previous (third) book, Apocalypse, is at the top of the iBooks chart. 

Before I move onto these, I've gone back to Immortal - the second book in the Ethan Warner series. It's really good and interesting to read again as I'm currently listening to Dan Brown's Inferno  (while I spin) which covers a lot of the same themes. The last time I mentioned Dean's writing, a lot of readers ccontacted me to say that they loved it, so you might want to take a look. The novels have a great appeal and don't think I am biased in saying that, as lots of people (and critics) seem to agree. 

Well it's time to taxi the kids about, so I had better say goodbye, but not before I quickly mention that my other WIP is a blog make-over. A new layout and a brand new logo will be here over the next few days (my lovely stock-photo lady needs to be retired now that other websites are using the same image).  Please bear with me if things look a little unusual during the transition period! Have a great Wednesday and if you want to check out more WIPs and books, try Tami & Ginny.


  1. I love Must Stash! I am so behind - I really need to catch up. I love the pooling on your socks. Awesome colors!

  2. I love your socks! And that is so exciting that you were mentioned on the podcast!

  3. what wonderful socks! love the yarn!

  4. I gave a little yelp when they said your name! I know someone famous!!

  5. I hadn't checked out their podcast before, but I did today after I saw your tweet ... it's lovely and I'll definitely be checking in regularly. Thanks :)
    I've said before, but I just love the pattern on my socks .. I'm in the mood for socks right now.

  6. Changes can always make one feel refreshed and like it's meant to be. I always smile at the sight of your socks.

  7. You're even MORE famous now! Much deserved praise. Those are some bright socks!

  8. Love the pattern on your socks.

  9. Cool socks. Love those colours.

  10. Yay! Glad the word is spreading about you and your lovely blog!

  11. Glad you got a kick out of watching the episode. It's always startling to hear your name! I love your blog, BTW.



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