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Maybe it's a result of the long winter/ late spring being followed by this dismal "summer", or perhaps the changes happening in our family as the littlest prepares for primary school, but everything feels a little off-kilter at the moment. It's been quieter than usual on the blog - mainly due to other commitments and, when not spinning, most of my creative efforts have been focussed on research/ learning and lots of planning. So what's coming up?

  • Plans for the next Knitalong will be published at the start of July (if you have any preferences/comments, please leave them below this post or on the Ravelry group discussion)
  • The blog will be getting a brand new look in the next week or two
  • I'll be reviewing some online courses next week
  • There are a couple of new recipes/patterns in the works
If you're using Google Reader, remember that it's being retired at the end of the month, and you will need to switch to something else. I'm using Bloglovin' - it's simple, works well and is really easy to switch - you can export all of your favourite feeds from Google Reader with just a few clicks. If you haven't decided what to use, you might like to give it a go, and if you've chosen something else and love it, please let me know what you're using and why so I can check it out. 

I'll be back tomorrow with Spinning Show & Tell (including the linky), hope to see you then. 


  1. I'm using bloglovin. It works well and I am getting used to it. ;-) As to a KAL: I'm into it! :-)

  2. I think it's the rubbish "summer". You're not the only one ... we're all waiting to breathe out and relax in the sun - it's a bit like living in limbo I think.
    Looking forward to what you've got in store ...

  3. I am a complete bloglovin convert. It's so easy to use!

  4. I'm looking forward to your spinning post!
    When do kids start school in the UK? SF public runs mid-August to the end of May. We must have 180 days of school every year.
    When I used Blogger, I just used the dashboard to add in blogs via their URL. With Wordpress, I'm doing the same although there were a few I couldn't add so I let the owners know asking if they could add the follow by email button.

  5. Oh the life cycle of a family! Sometimes it doesn't take much to make us feel off kilter. Our summer has been on again, off again dismal. Like the season can't quite make up its mind to really arrive. I have not done anything about Google Reader as I don't use it that often--I really only have time to read the blogs I list in my sidebar-and that is how I keep track of them. I should check out bloglovin' and at least be in the "know". I hope to join your KAL this next time around as I totally failed out of the sock one you held earlier.
    Hope your sun shines soon--I just looked out my window and it is pouring down rain--like a November downpour! Yuck...

  6. PS: I just switched over to Bloglovin' (took 30 seconds!) and I love the look of it! Thanks for the heads up.


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