On the spindles and in the bowl

After almost a week of no spinning (half term!), I realised why it's important to do a little each day - it was much more tricky to continue to spin at the same thickness when I eventually started again yesterday - especially as I am working on two different fibres and spindles. Here are the first halves of each (with a filter applied to make it clearer):

On the spindles

It's not obvious from the photo, but the green should ply into fingering weight and the black into DK(ish) weight. I'd heard many times that once you start to spin more finely, it's harder to make it thicker again,  and at this point, I would agree. Each day I hope that my Trindle might turn up so I can try to spin some really fine singles - there's a thrill in seeing how thin it can go before snapping, but my spindles are both too heavy, and it inevitably drops before I want it to.

So little balls of plied yarn and singles are slowly appearing on my shelves, it's fun to see how different they look. For the first time today I put the three completed yarns side by side and I think I need to add more twist when I ply the next one . The purple/brown yarn on the right was my last, and I don't think it's as good as the grey Jacob, although I have knitted with it and it was fine - what do you think?

Handspun yarns 1, 2 & 3 - definite progress!

It occurred to me that since starting to spin, I have less inclination to knit. Does anyone else find this? I think it's partly due to time constraints - there's really only time for one or the other - and partly because spinning is just so relaxing. Plus I can't wait to move onto these beauties (from Shamu Makes)...

Bowl of fibre :)


  1. such pretty photos :) I love reading your spinning posts :)

    1. Thanks Evelyn, I have a whole new series of spinning posts coming soon - stay tuned!

  2. These look wonderful. Do trindles work differently from a drop spindle? Are these interchangable so you can load up yarn on them for plying later on?

  3. Time constraints rule my life. I have not given in to learning crochet like my good knitting friend has, as I know I will just be frustrated that I can't do it all! By the way-I sure love the colors of your yarns in this post!

  4. Your spinning is beautiful, I'm not all surpised you are addicted!

  5. Beautiful! I want to learn to spin, but thus far have not had the time. Maybe thats a good thing?


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