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Birthday weekend
Little Miss turned four on Saturday. I can't quite believe it. It seems no time at all since she was a tiny little baby sleeping in a wrap on my front, or a nosy toddler peeking over my shoulder on my back. Now she is a funny, cheeky, sociable little girl who will be starting school in a few months. Unbelieveable.

We celebrated with 20 of her friends and a very silly entertainer which they all loved, lots of visiting family and friends, and a trip to the local farm park yesterday for some fresh air and comfort food. (D and I had a night out on Saturday too, in celebration of a close friend's 40th, and discovered that we just can't party as hard as we used to.)  

I finished the birthday crown from Crochet at Play (enter the draw to get your own copy and some yarn, here) although I hadn't even washed and blocked it before she was wearing it like a tennis headband from the 80s. Not quite the look I was going for. The birthday cardi didn't fare so well - as it was finished in a rush, I picked up too many stitches along the front and need to undo that section and reknit it - pics to follow when that's done. 

Now everyone else is back to (pre)/school and work and I have an appointment with a mountain of ironing. See you tomorrow! 
*I can't say 'four candles' without thinking of The Two Ronnies. For international readers and those who are too young to remember the re-runs, here's the classic sketch from the 70s.


  1. Happy birthday Little Miss :D

    (I've always loved that sketch too!)

  2. hehe I love that two Ronnie's sketch.
    Lovely little crochet crown very cute :)

  3. Aww looks like your little one had a lovely day.

    Oh I remember this sketch so well. It's just one of those classics. I used to love watching The Two Ronnies. Do you remember the serials they also had? The Phantom Raspberry Blower of Old London Town and The Worm That Turned are two that spring to mind.

  4. Aw happy birthday to the little miss :) Her crochet crown is very cute, and I love your photos he he :)

    The Two Ronnies are funny, this sketch made me laugh :)

  5. What a beauty this one is and glad to see she had one smashing la hanau!


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