YOP Update #21: It's been a while...

I haven't posted a Year of Projects update for ages, but that doesn't mean I'm not still working away on my list and on stashbusting. Since my last post D's socks were (eventually) finished, and I cast on and completed a little stashbusting shawl. It's the shawl in the picture, made from stashed Dye Spin Knit yarn in colourway "bouquet", although I'm not showing it off properly until the ends are sewn in and it's blocked. Which may be a few weeks. On Wednesday I mentioned that I'd cast on another pair of socks from more stashed yarn, but today I'm going to rip back to the toe - the pattern I started is too much with coloured yarn. 
There are more plans afoot. This may be the week I FINALLY cast on Whipporwill - it was almost last Spring's knitalong and the yarn has been waiting since then. (Anyone still fancy joining me.....?)


  1. It's good to see you are making plans. I'm too tired to think about anything I might start in the future. ;-)

  2. Looking forward to seeing the shawl all finished up and Whipporwill looks like a really great pattern, best of luck with it, I've way to much already on the needles to even think about starting it but it is very pretty.

  3. You're so organized. Your choices of bright, fun colorways reflect your sunny personality.

  4. Those colors are beautiful. I echo Kepanie, you certainly know how to choose yarn!

  5. That is a lovely pattern Sarah. Love that it can be worn in so many ways. I am still knitting and frogging the Sweary Sweater of Doom.

  6. Whippoorwhill is so pretty ... I'm extremely tempted. But I really haven't any yarn that would work for that. And I'm not very good at finishing shawls :(

    I wish I could reach into that picture and take the sock yarn out of the bag to have a proper look. It looks pretty behind the gauzy bag fabric :)

  7. I love the colors in your pictured shawl--very springish. :) I just took a peek at Whipoorwhill and while it is lovely and I am tempted, I just can't commit to any more KAL's right now! I have a scarf one going right now, and a cowl that others have finished by mine seems to be languishing on the needles. Now I have Easter Bunnies for my Grandys which need immediate attention...how can Easter be two weeks away??

  8. Isn't whippoorwill beautiful? I have never knit a shawl before and I will probably start with a beginner one..(whip is labeled advanced) although that is probably the second shawl I cast on. I giggle when ever I read your posts..you talk about sock knitting then say "plans afoot" LOL..


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