FO Friday: More headwear!

I am nothing, if not predictable. When a new Debbie Bliss book arrived for review, the first thing I spotted was a moss stitch headband. Yes, I know - Hilda, my own  headband recipe was published just a few weeks ago... I appear to have an addiction!
YARN: Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran in chocolate.
PATTERN: 'Headband' from "Knits for you and your home" by Debbie Bliss.
It's perfect to wear outdoors as it's very cosy (and I love this yarn which is beautifully soft and perfect for this pattern) but it's a bit too wide and warm to wear all day as I do with my Hilda. 

I'm just about to finish off another pattern from this book so I'll post the FO and a book review next Friday. Hope you have a lovely weekend - I'll be mostly enjoying the last few days of having a kitchen (it's being ripped out next week and the new one won't be finished for about 4 weeks - EEK!) with a house full of people on Saturday and Sunday. 

Today's link: FO Friday at Tami's - who I love for always having her post ready bright and early despite the time difference :) 


  1. Cute :) I like how it is similar to your pattern, but fulfils a different purpose :)

  2. Your headband is lovely, but I see what you mean about it being wide. Still, it looks very cosy, and really suits you!

  3. Lovely! It looks very warm and cosy

  4. This headband I would like to wear, I is a bit wide but it looks comfortable.

  5. It's lovely and it really suits you, I think I would look mad in one of those but you look great!

  6. Very cute Hilda :)
    Ooooo a new kitchen... I'm crossing my fingers for one this year too....

  7. Love it! And you have the hair for it too :)

    Exciting things, new kitchens!!

  8. It's gorgeous!

    Just so you know, I've put you up as blog of the week on Plutonium Muffins! :)

  9. I love how you love headbands like me! I love a good hair accessory!


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