5 of the Best: Thoughtful Gifts for Mothers

I'm sure that, like me, many mums up and down the country are looking forward to Mothers' Day on Sunday - hopefully it will be a relaxing day of feeling loved and cherished. Personally, this is much more important than having a load of shop-bought 'stuff' with MUM emblazoned on it.

Here are some gift ideas that involve making something for your mum/nan/other mother-figure. They all require a little time and effort but only the minimum of supplies or crafting ability. Of course, taking the children off to make these might give mum another gift on Saturday - some quiet time! So please share these with dads/ aunties/ uncles/ anyone else who might facilitate younger kids.

1. Put your smartphone (or webcam) to use and record a video interview with children of any age. Ask them questions about their mum such as what she's like, things she likes to do, what they think she was like as a child, their favourite memories of her and any special message they would like to share. Deliver it in person, by email, on DVD or post it to her facebook wall!

2. Crafty kids might like to make some pom-pom 'flowers' in her favourite colours, like these from Ivey Handcrafted. You don't have to have lots of supplies other than yarn - pom poms can be made with cardboard circles and you could even collect the twigs and decorate the vase (or jar) yourself.

3. Even the least crafty people should be able to muster some laminate sheets, sticky back plastic or wide sticky tape, and a bit of string. Use it to cover some printed (silly) photos of the family to make DIY Bookmarks like these.

4. Frame your own artwork or colouring. And if you're not up to it, popular artist Valentina Ramos offers some great colouring downloads and printables on her Facebook page and blog which can be printed for your own use. This pdf and this colouring page are my personal favourites and there are plenty more to choose from.

5. A box (or other sealed container) of love and kisses. This is one of the first gifts I had from My Boy and still I keep it in my Cwtch four years on. It is very easy to make - just let the child make and/or decorate a container and fill it with hugs and kisses and then either write the label themselves or have it printed if they are too young to write it. 
Box of love and kisses - a gift from My Boy
If you have more ideas for simple yet thoughtful gifts, please leave a comment.


  1. Those are some great ideas. I love the box of love and kisses!

  2. Nice ideas for DIY keiki crafts for mum's day. The pom pom flowers were super cute.


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