YOP Update #20: Slowly busting it

Year or projects update.
Sunday morning finds me with a few projects on the needles and a little one already finished. If it works out, I'll tell you more about the project at the top - from Mirasol Maylla - next week. It is something I found myself casting on without a pattern last night and I may or may not like it.

The little finished corsage brooch is from Debbie Bliss' The Knitter's Year using a few scraps. It should have been two shades of pink rather than pink and yellow, but scraps are scraps and those are the colours I had. There will be more of these - it was a really quick and easy knit and might make a nice little gift. 

And onto the socks - yes, more socks! After finishing the Random Cotswold Socks I was planning on going back to the first frogged pair but D looked at mine longingly and made a few mutterings into his beard which settled it - his shall be the next pair. Plus they get two ticks on my Year of Project goal list as they are "something for D" and also made from stash yarn - Jawoll Magic Dégradé Superwash.

For those who missed my Multi-puff "how to" post, I am also back to those pesky little hexipuffs...
More puffs!
So it's been a pretty good week for my Year of Projects. To find out how everyone else is going, you can visit the YoP group on Ravelry and I'll see you tomorrow with some very happy Snippets!


  1. Can't wait to see what your little something is at the top, hope it works out. Cute little brooch and I loved your last pair of socks, way to go on knocking out two things at once on your list ! You've really mastered your two at a time !

  2. I didn't see the brooch? I keep wondering what do people do with puff things? Ahhhhh, scrolled again after reloading....Looks like you've been busy making a variety of goodies.


  3. That's the first time I've seem multi hexipuffs on the needles...cool looking....Yeah I've worked on several projects this week..and being snowed in for 3 days has helped...

  4. Oh a multi-puff how-to ... that's brilliant. Now if only there were some puff assembly elves around :)

    Socks look lovely. When the men ask for handknits, it's best to respond promptly. Sincere requests from them are so rare!

  5. What a lovely little corsage-and what a sweet little gift idea. I too will be anxiously watching to see what our little surprise at the top is. I am sorry to say that I had to drop out of the sock KAL and am insanely jealous of all the socks!
    Have a super week-

  6. Love the multiple puffs at once approach, cunning plan ;)

  7. Smart doing more than one at a time! Always feel so accomplished when I do two things at once!

  8. Those socks are gorgeous, I love the yarn with the pattern!

  9. I love the mix of colors in the first pic! How lovely your man was hankering for some socks!


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