Snippets: Friendship & shopping

Some people come into our lives for a short time. They may teach us something or add to our journey in some way but after a while they leave, usually becoming an anecdote to our personal history. Then there are the others - the friends who are there for the long-haul. These are the people you can go months, or years, without seeing but you think about often, and are immediately comfortable in their company when you are together again. I spent the weekend with two such friends.

Leanne & Louise, wearing their coffee in Corleone's Coffee shop
Almost twenty one years ago I was newly arrived at University and queuing at the phonebox to call home (imagine having to wait in line to use a phone - not having one in your pocket!) when a lively Northern girl started chatting to me. To be honest, at that point her unfamiliar accent meant I probably understood only 60% of what she said but I got that her name was Leanne. I immediately liked her. She soon introduced me to Louise (from her course) as she thought we would be great friends. Imagine my disappointment when she reminded me of someone else I really disliked. We laugh about it now, but apparently at our first meeting I didn't quite appear to be the "lovely Welsh girl" Leanne had promised. Two decades, three husbands and eight children later, it seems none of us have changed very much. We spent a lovely weekend chatting, shopping, laughing until we cried and by the end of the night they were even dancing to 90s anthems while I looked on, sipping wine - as I said, nothing has changed. I'm already looking forward to the next get-together (with our families) in the summer.

The weekend afforded plenty of time to work on my Random socks which are almost finished (gotta love train knitting) and introduction to an almost-perfect little shop in Leamington Spa. I say 'almost' because for me it was just missing a wall of scrummy yarn, but Berylune had pretty much everything else that I would sell if I designed my own ideal shop. Crochet items, buttons, jewellery, vintage stickers, lots of washi tape, all manner of cute vintage inspired gifts and loveliness... and nice people too! If you are in the Leamington area, they hold weekly Knit and Natter there as well as various craft workshops - I'd definitely recommend popping in and saying hello. Here's a little taster ...

(Photos courtesy of Berylune - it was too dark to take my own on Saturday evening) 
If you're not able to get to Leamington, you may also like the Berylune online shop and blog.


  1. Glad you had a good time with your friends. It's so important to recharge your batteries with people who you are totally comfortable with.

  2. Cheers to friendship of all kinds!

  3. It's so nice to have friends like that! I am blessed with such. What a blast you had. Love the bits in the store.


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