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Half term trip to London
My Boy is wearing D's cowl. Little Miss is wearing Just Enough Ruffles (from Nanna)
& Hello Kitty hat. Duffle coats & skull hat from Boden. Matchy-matchy blue eyes free from D!

Half term trip to London

Half term trip to London

Yesterday we braved the crowds and took the children to London for a few hours. In fact, we were travelling almost as long as we were there, but we managed to tick three very important half-term 'boxes':
1. My Boy saw Buckingham Palace (albeit over the heads of a billion tourists as we accidentally arrived during the changing of the guards *groan*)
2. They went to Hamleys for the first time - which was a little overwhelming for them
3. We travelled by black cab - the first of which was driven by a proper London cabby who told us all about his wife's shopping habits and their holiday to Turkey in his East London accent, Guv'nor. Wonderful. 

As a young singleton I lived in central London for a while (and on the outskirts for many years) and D still travels to Soho most days for work, but walking around with the children is a totally different experience. Streets suddenly feel endless, each person with a cigarette in-hand poses a threat, and the multitudes barging past at speed pay no attention to anyone below their own eye-level. It's surprisingly stressful.  So today is a peaceful day at home.

In truth, I'm saving my energy for Unravel TOMORROW!!!! I'll be the person in the Hilda headwrap trying not to spend too much money. If you see me, please come and say hello - I'm just as excited about meeting some of my bloggy friends as seeing the exhibitors, although the list is looking pretty awesome! If you aren't going, but would like to see what's going on you can follow my Instagram feed tomorrow and be sure to check back here on Monday when I'll be photo-bombing. Have a great weekend! 


  1. I have to get a grip I am so lookng forward to Unravel and meeting so many people and put faces to names *reminds self to put Rav badge on* It's also my first wool show so been deabting all week at what to wear (silly though that may seem to others)
    I'll be the purple haired Hilda with the 1950's scarf around my head and insane grin also trying not to spend too much but failing miserably!
    See you tomorrow :) x

  2. I adore that hello kitty hat. Super cute just like the kiddies. I'm incredibly jealous of this unravel event, I read about it every year on all the UK blogs maybe one day they will bring it down under, until then I'll live vicariously through all you wonderful UK bloggers :)

  3. You have such a handsome ohana! I so want to go to London one day and see the palace and shop about. Sigh, one day.


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