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Hey everyone! I'm Wink from A Creative Being and I'm here today because Sarah asked me to write a guest post for her fabulous blog :) You may know me from my Weekly Mandala project that I started last year, where I crochet one mandala a week using colors from an inspirational image I found earlier. It is pure color therapy for me! A lot of people ask me how I stay inspired doing a weekly project, and where I find the images.


First of all, here's an eyeopener: Inspiration is all around us. Inspiration is everywhere. Just look outside for example, and study the sky. What color is it? Blue? Look more closely. Is it completely blue, or do you spot a slight pink haze? What about those white airplane stripes, can you see them? Those trees in the distance, what color are they? If you pay attention to the details, you can get a full color palette just by looking outside! :)


But of course, some days you need a little more help finding inspiration, especially when you look outside and all you see is a grey sky... And that is why we have: the internet! There are a lot of sites out there that deal with color palettes, color combinations, or simply gorgeous pictures and photographs. All of those can give you inspiration. A regular reader of my blog recently sent me this link to the Color Collective; a wonderful blog that posts color palettes inspired by various designers, artists and photographers that inspire the maker. It's a great example of seeing the beauty all around you; she pulls color palettes from things like outfits!


If you're ever stumped for inspiration, or are trying to find the right colors for your next project: boot up your laptop/computer/phone and get a search going. Try using all kinds of search terms; like places you'd like to see ('sahara', 'amazone', 'forest', 'lake'), animals you love ('nature', 'meerkats', 'goats', 'peacock'), or simply enter a color you really like, and see what comes up!

I follow a lot of blogs, from crochet blogs to curator/art blogs, and I find that all of them give me inspiration on a daily basis. Even if you don't read through them all; checking them out just for the pictures is totally cool and really helps you knowing what's out there, and helps you discover new things, artists and color palettes. Try to experiment by using colors in your next project that you wouldn't normally pick because you either think they don't go together or because you don't like them. Some of the best work I've done was made using colors I don't like, and they ended up amazing! :)

Here's a quick list to write down in case you ever feel lost for inspiration:
  1. Look outside
  2. Take a virtual trip to your favorite places
  3. Experiment!
I hope you enjoyed this post; thank you Sarah for having me! :)


  1. lovely lovely post winkie !!!!!

  2. A thought provoking post - thanks :)I love your crochet.

  3. I whole-heartedly agree! Great post!

  4. Fantastic post, thank you for the links, they will be insanely helpful in the future :)

  5. thanks for an inspiring and refreshing post :-)

  6. What an inspirational post! It's so true how color palettes exist all around us. I love how you're hooking a mandala each week based upon something that inspired you.



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