Anyone fancy another knitalong?

It's a bit quiet around here lately, isn't it? I've been busy adding a couple of pages to the blog (here and here), and playing around with a few new knit and crochet ideas... but nothing I'm ready to show you yet. As it's the weekend, here's a little (unrelated) visual feast anyway...

So what should I make with 50g of the most delicious @fyberspates ethereal cashmere/silk 4ply ....?

It's Fyberspates Ethereal Cashmere Silk 4ply which came from the '£5 tangled hank' Lucky Dip and I do indeed feel lucky - it's lovely! (It was accompanied by an actually tangled hank of Faery Lace which at 1200m is more useful, although not half as pretty.) So now I'm wondering what to make with it - it's 50g which should be about 200m, so enough for "a little something". 

It's time to think about the next Knitalong - a few people have asked what/when etc, so I'm 'putting the feelers out'. I'm currently torn between socks (I'd like to try two-at-a-time-toe-up socks) or another shawl... what do YOU think? There'll be a Flickr group this time - so those not on Instagram can post their pics too. If you're likely to join in, please leave a comment below and let me know what you fancy making, and anything else you'd like to say about it. Thanks. 


  1. beautiful yarn an what a bargain! If you do two at a time toe up socks and I can be any help just let me

  2. beautiful yarn an what a bargain! If you do two at a time toe up socks and I can be any help just let me

  3. Is it mere coincidence that I bought the two-at-a-time-toe-up-sock book a couple of months back and put it in the 'for 2013' pile? Actually, I am going to tackle them next regardless....I have loved the two shawl knit-alongs, and would happily do another.

    Looking forward to hear what everyone else reckons.

  4. I am interested in two at a time socks--but a little afraid too. I have never done *any* sock knitting and am afraid this method might be a bit too much for someone like me? If you choose a shawl, I would be interested too--but only if it was a full size shawl as I am not a big fan of most little shawlettes--they always seem too small and hard to wear! Love the pink in your posted photo!

  5. I like the look of that cashmere.

  6. Tee hee SOCKS! lets do neighbour is going to lend me the two at time book and i am determined to master knitting a pair of socks on cables and enjoy it this year. :-)

  7. I never wanted to knit two socks at a time. But ... Why not give it a try. It alsways nice to have company. I have the book (in German).
    Furthermore, I have tons of sock wool and don't want to buy any yarn until January 14. I do not even think about buying new yarn AT ALL! ;-)

  8. I would love to do a sock knit a long :D

  9. Hmm never knitted socks, which considering the sock yarn stash is rather laughable!! New year, new challenges though so would most definitely be up for a KAL :-)

  10. Lovely Yarn. pretty colour.
    Im not sure my knitting skills would be up to either of your suggested knit alongs but I would certainly attempt a shawl. Im more likely to succeed! lol

  11. Oooh that yarn is delicious :)

    If you decide on a sock knit along, I will save my special yarn from you and join in - I still haven't decided on a pattern worthy of it yet though!


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