Year of Projects Update #4 - the best week yet

29 July 2012

More little (finished) crochet things

27 July 2012

Wednesday's WIPs & books

25 July 2012

No knitting, just gorgeous dolls and other good stuff

24 July 2012

Sock it to 'em! (Year of Projects - Update #3)

22 July 2012

End of term

20 July 2012

19 July 2012

Tuesday Tally and some thoughts on Hexipuffs

17 July 2012

Year of Projects Update #2 - Slowly but surely busting that stash

15 July 2012

Beyond the Hexipuff: iPhone iCord yarnbombing!

13 July 2012

Cwtch-speak lesson 1: Dry toast

11 July 2012

One a Day is back!

10 July 2012

Year of Projects - Update #1: Off to a good start

8 July 2012

Finished Object Friday

6 July 2012

An introduction to Blocking

5 July 2012

Wednesday's WIPs and books

4 July 2012

Picking up dropped stitches... and dropping them on purpose

2 July 2012

My second Year of Projects starts here!

1 July 2012


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