YoP Update #15: December Lady

KNITTING: February Lady Sweater - pattern by Pamela Wynne
YARN: Rowan Creative Focus Worsted in shade 3249

It was -4C when I went to Yoga today (third week running, yay me!) and there was a beautiful frosty sparkle to the early morning landscape. Winter is here. It is the perfect time to get to work on one of my YoP List projects - "cardigan for myself". A few nights ago I decided on the FLS and cast on. I've had this queued forever and my recent love of garter stitch made it the top contender. There are over 12,000 of these on the Ravelry projects page and it is a really nice design, based on a child's pattern in Elizabeth Zimmerman's Knitter's Almanac (which I wrote about here).... but... I found it quite frustrating to have to work out the placement of the increases etc and I lost a whole evening's knitting while procrastinating on this. (Thankfully, Christine helped me out by linking to a great online calculator tool - I've made a note of the details on my project page.) I have only 400g of yarn, so it may have quite short sleeves, or I may try to find more of the same dye lot - I'm not sure yet. 
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With the cold weather, and preparations for school concerts etc, it's starting to feel a lot like Christmas  -especially since George (our Elf on the Shelf) arrived yesterday morning. My Boy was so excited and emotional that we had actual tears of joy, while the pragmatic Little Miss looked quite concerned that someone will be making nightly reports back to Santa. (Come back on Thursday for an Elf Antics update and new seasonal meme!) We bought our tree today, and it's currently being watered in the garden - I am not sure who is more excited about getting it in to decorate on Tuesday! 


  1. That looks really good! Well done Sarah!! :D

  2. My MIL only knows how to knit, so works in garter stitch only and is doing a cardigan also..I forget how nice the stitch can look by itself..That is a nice neutral color choice..

    Elf on the shelf...! How fun!

  3. What lovely yarn! A sweater for myself is on my yop list too, and I had thought about this one, but now? No thanks. I am still a new enough knitter that I need things spelled for me--no desire to calculate patterns here! Enjoy your new family member and have fun with that tree decorating--such a magical time of year.

  4. The start of the sweater looks great. I was all excited reading about how many there were, I too love garter stitch; but....when you talked about having to calculate when to do increases I shut down. Do you mean the pattern isn't complete, in that it doesn't give precise directions for sizing etc?

    We'll probably not buy our tree for a couple more weeks. Don't like to have a life tree in the house very long. We actually discussed buying an artificial one...but, just can't warm up to that idea.


    1. Hi Sandy, the pattern is mostly really easy to follow and clear, but there is one section which simply instructs to space x number of increases evenly into y number of stitches - but the number didn't divide evenly so I procrastinated about working it out. When I asked the question on my facebook page, I was given a great link which immediately solved the problem for me, so if you want to knit it, you can find the link on my Ravelry project page and you shouldn't have the same issue. xxx

  5. This is very cute, I love the colour you have chosen!

  6. That yarn is gorgeous, such a yummy shade of grey, and it looks so soft. The sweater looks like it's going to be lovely!

  7. That is such a pretty start! I wanted to check out your project notes but Ravelry isn't loading up well over here.


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