WIPs, Books and Christmas Trees

'The Tree' is done, the Children have decorated their own tiny tree in the kitchen, and this morning we had a bit of snow. Even though it had melted in no time, seeing the big soft flakes landing in the garden was enough to send our little people into hyper-excitement mode. Probably not a bad thing as they have both been unwell the last few days and now My Boy has an eye infection. As he watched the snow coming down he sighed and said "this is the perfect winter - I'm so happy".  He is such a sensitive and thoughtful little soul. 
KNITTING22 Little Clouds - pattern by Martina Behm 
 February Lady Sweater by Pamela Wynne. 
READINGPride and Prejudice by Jane Austin (not much further than last week) 

As you might imagine, with the Christmas preparations and the kids at home, I've not had much chance to read or knit, and have yet to start the edging that will finish 22 Little Clouds. I've been working on the February Lady Sweater from Sunday's post, which would be several inches closer to completion were it not for a lapse of concentration that resulted in ripping out an evening's work on Monday

My gripe about needing to use an online calculator for the increases seemed to put a few people off the pattern, and I feel the need to set the record straight - it's a really nice pattern and a doddle to knit, once you have the spacing between the YOs sussed. Please don't be put off as you can find the link to the increase calculator on the useful Wiki tab of the pattern. Had I found this before starting to knit there would have been no delay. 

Today is my mother's birthday so I've been secretly packing Rondelay. She was fancying the yarn and had no idea it was for her as I was knitting it up - it's hard to keep a secret from her as she's here everyday (and quite nosy!) so I am pleased with myself for this surprise. Next to inflate some balloons...

Today's links are WIP Wednesday and Yarn Along.
 Come back tomorrow for December's new Elf Antics meme!


  1. Congrats on your mother's birthday! :) I'm sure she'll love Rondelay! And I love that tiny white christmas tree you have. I have a very non-traditional christmas tree and I feel that a small one like that might add to the traditional christmas feel... May need to thrift one soon ;)
    Happy holidays!

  2. ooh gorgeous trees!! enjoy your knitting, both items are really beautiful. have a knitty wednesday xx

  3. Your decor looks lovely! I wish we would get our first snow of the season, but temperatures have been too high... I shouldn't complain, in a month, it will be too cold to enjoy.

  4. P&P seems terribly popular at this time of year, so many people reading it (or watching the BBC box set!). It's so nostalgic and feels like perfect escapism for this hibernating time of year. Must get a copy!

  5. "Pride and Prejudice" is in my top 5 favorite books, definitely! I liked "Emma," too, though her busybodiness drove me nuts!

    Here's to hoping you find knitting and reading time this week!

  6. Your tree looks beautiful. We are getting ours this weekend. It just doesn't feel like Christmas is coming until you have a tree up.

  7. Your Christmas decor is wonderful. Sorry your son has an eye infection. No fun are those. Hope it clears up soon. Your tidbits about your mum is so funny. Glad you'll be able to surprise her. Hau oli 'la hanau to her.


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