WIPs and Books: Success!

Big THANKS to everyone who commented on yesterday's 'dye lot' dilemma, here or on Facebook. After reading all of your suggestions, I decided to start the patterned section of the first sleeve again and alternate the two different dye lots after each round. As you can (hopefully) see, there was no discernable difference once knitted, so I soon gave up on that and stuck with just one ball. I really don't think it will be noticeable as there is a bit of a sheen to the yarn so it catches the light as it moves anyway. It means I have only one and a half sleeves to go, and might even have a Finished Object ready for Friday. 
KNITTING: February Lady Sweater in Rowan Creative Focus Worsted (Chocolate)

At the weekend I finished Pride and Prejudice and rated it 5 out of 5. I'm not one for love stories, but  there is something special about that book - the dialogue is wonderful, there is so much humour and I loved the characters. It's status as a beloved classic is well deserved. But what to follow it with? I have so many books queued on my Kindle that I really wasn't sure what to read next, and finally decided on Life of Pi. I read it years ago at the height of it's prize-winning and popularity and I didn't find it all that earth-shattering to be honest, but when I saw an illustrated edition for 20p on the Kindle Daily Deal a couple of weeks ago, decided to give it another shot. My perspective on life has changed a great deal since the first reading, and I'm sure that I am already enjoying it more than the first time around. 

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  1. The progress is looking wonderful. I think that the color change looks really smooth.

  2. Looks great...uhm.. My son had to read Life of Pi in highschool as required reading..so I also read it to see what the fuss was about...Same oppinion as you..maybe I'll try it again..

  3. The sleeve is lookin' well! Pride and Prejudice was more a slug for me. Maybe because it got spoiled by having seen the movie first?


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