Se7en Days (and a couple of books)

Christmas 2012 collage
A whole week between posts! That probably tells you all you need to know about our Christmas - it was very relaxed and lovely and spent with our family - both our mothers, our three sisters and the children's sole cousin Jack. The Knights appear to be camera shy and managed to completely avoid being in the few photos I have - they can look out next time!

George went back to the North Pole with Santa on Christmas Eve, but not before leaving strict instructions on the chalk board for hugs from the children (who have not been allowed to touch him incase the magic goes, but were desperate to give him a kiss before his departure) and taking a look around their bedrooms. He also left them a final gift of some PJs, little cuddly toys, reindeer food and a framed photo for each so they can remember him between visits. My Boy was incredibly upset - heartbroken - for about half an hour. He really bonded with the cheeky little elf and I knew it was going to be hard for him. Thankfully he got over it when he realised it's not all that long before George will be back. It's not the end, but the beginning of a new Christmas tradition for our family, and who knows, we may even hear from him before then.

I have done NO KNITTING for three days after my project bag containing the newly-cast-on Metalouse mysteriously vanished (recovered this morning behind a table) so I've managed loads of reading on my new Kindle Paperwhite 3G which I absolutely LOVE.  On Boxing Day I finished The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared by Jonas Jonasson and last night I finished The Sealed Letter by Emma Donoghue.

I'd heard about 'The Hundred-Year-Old Man ...' before but I'm not sure where (in fact, writing it here is giving me a deja-vu feeling) so when I saw it for 20p on Kindle I had to download it. This is a very amusing and well written tale of a Swedish centenarian who quite literally climbs out of the window of his care home on his birthday and has an adventure. However this isn't his first adventure and while Allan is escaping the local police and journalists who are hot on his trail, the tale of his life - spanning the major events and figures of the last century - unfolds. I don't want to say much more to spoil the story but I thoroughly enjoyed it and have already recommended it to a number of friends. I'd rate this 4.5 out of 5. 
The Sealed Letter is a very different book which I selected after enjoying Room by the same author. Set in London in the 19th Century, this is a book inspired by the real life divorce of a Victorian Admiral and the involvement of a leading figure in the Women's Movement of the time. Divorce was rare - it was a time when the issue of "women's rights" was beginning to flourish, wives and offspring were the husband's property both in practice and in law. The real life case caused quite a scandal including revelations of a stained dress (sound familiar?) implications of lesbianism and betrayal. An interesting read in terms of the historical background but not a book I'd want to read again. I would rate this 3 out of 5...which is perhaps quite generous.

Today we're braving the shops. We must be mad as it's tipping down with rain. Hopefully it'll stop tomorrow so the kids can finally get to try out their new bikes, but I'm not holding my breath - I'm starting to think an ark may have been a better gift.  


  1. I bought my OH the 100 year old man book for his birthday in September. He's a slow reader so is still working his way through the book I bought him last year (he did read a few in between though!). Glad that to hear it's worth reading :-)

  2. it looks like you had a lovely christmas, filled with fun.
    great book reviews.

  3. BEautiful collage of your ohana. You certainly have spent the last couple of days wonderfully.

  4. I'd say you had a very Merry Christmas with family. That's the best thing about it all isn't it.
    Great pictures and the books look like good reads too.

    Happy New year!! I hope the rain stops.


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