Sound familiar?
This year, like most other years before it, began with a list of resolutions (you can see some of them on this post). They were written with good intentions, but frankly, after a few weeks the things that had seemed important on Jan 1st were not so high on my list of priorities. 

The year started off with unexpected surgery and various health problems followed. They were much more important than learning to knit and read at the same time. D's career really took off - he did some great work including the official Olympic Legacy films and is now making the transition from editing TV programmes to movies (the film has not yet been released yet, but it's done!) It is a dream come true for him and I'm so proud of him for making it happen, but it meant we didn't see him too much for several months. That was a strain on all of us. Writing patterns was pushed to the bottom of the to-do list (where it remains). And so it went...

Overall it's been a good year - Mum relocated and we see her daily, we had a lovely family holiday, and things are ending on a peaceful and positive note. Looking back at my list now, I can see that one or two of the resolutions happened but it was co-incidental.

For 2013 I have only one resolution which is not to worry about ticking things off a list, but to be present and deal with life as it happens. That, after all, is the most I can do. 

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank each of you for your visits and comments this year. There have been times when this blog and the lovely community it has brought, has quite literally saved my sanity. 

I wish you and yours a happy and peaceful new year. 

Sarah x


  1. That sounds like a great resolution for the new year. I often find making resolutions, never seem to get fulfilled.

    I just want to have a good year, and keep enjoying life :)

  2. Happy New Year Sarah! I'm confident that you'll teach me new things in the new year :)

    1. That's a lovely thing to say - thank you. HNY, my lovely xxx

  3. Happy new year to you. Sound like 2012 has been very eventful for your family. I've loved reading your blog this year and look forward to what 2013 brings.
    Regarding resolutions I've had pretty much the same thoughts as you and I won't be making any at all as I deal with things when they happen.

  4. I've really enjoyed following your makes during 2012, the two knit-a-longs I took part in were so enjoyable....I'm looking forward to seeing what's being made in 2013 for all of us.

    All the very best for you and yours in 2013 Sarah.x

  5. (ps. I tried to leave you a comment on yesterday's post only to get booted off, for some reason my laptop doesn't like your blog, But my iPad has much better taste! I was shocked to see we are halfway thru the YOP work....I guess if I wasn't so blonde it wouldn't have come as such a shock!)

    1. I think there was a problem with Blogger on the 30th because I was having trouble doing some things myself - hopefully all fixed now :D

  6. Seems like the best resolution of all! Happy New Year!

  7. Wishing you a wonderful 2013, and thank you for a great blog x

  8. Wishing you a wonderful 2013, and thank you for a great blog x

  9. Sorry! Double the good wishes!

  10. Happy Happy New Year to you and your family. Hope it's happy and healthy. :)

  11. I've been thinking something along the same lines ... 2013 is my year for going with the flow methinks.

    Congratulations to your husband, and may 2013 be your families best year yet :D

  12. Hear, hear to your resolution, Sarah. I ride to that as well. I get asked all the time when am I going to start my biz and I'm like life has gotten in the way, especially since I volunteer 3x a week and am PTA Secretary. I'm very involved in the school this year. I'm slowly inchin' toward my first design. I'll get there when I get there.


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