Elf Antics Week 3: Soon to Depart

It's been another lovely week with George, and apart from having to reiterate our talks to an over-excited 6 year old about kind behaviour to his sister, it's mostly been one of fun antics and surprises. He's made a zipline between the lights, held a book club for his friends, brought surprise photo canvasses for the playroom wall, redecorated the little tree in the kitchen, held a conference with gnomes, and made a "snow" angel - from flour. Of course, I'm sure the time he spent in a stolen Police boat with Barbie will be the most reminisced when he returns to the North Pole on Monday night. 

The children - especially My Boy - are going to be sad when he leaves. I often hear them talking to George about all sorts of things (in English and Elvish in the lad's case). It's going to be quite a wrench. They wanted to give him a cuddle since he arrived, but haven't been able to incase the magic vanishes and he is unable to get 'home'.  As Santa will be coming on Monday night anyway, we realised it doesn't matter about the magic that day as he can hitch a ride back on the reindeer. So the countdown to Christmas Eve is no longer in anticipation of some special gifts, but spending the day with George. Being able to show him things he hasn't seen so far (like their bedrooms) and cwtching him. 

If you would like to add a link to your elf's antics, feel free to do so - we love seeing what others have been doing too. 


  1. HA!!! The Barbie one is priceless, THE LOOK ON HIS FACE!!!!!

  2. I had never heard of this until my friend said she was going to do it with her son, who is a toddler. It seems like a lot of fun but now my kids are too old for it. *darn*

  3. Oh I just love this idea. Can't wait to have children to use it on.
    Have a fab Christmas

  4. A late visitor from Handmade Monday, love your shelf elf! Mine comes to school with me and the children think he's great! Have asuper Christmas Jo x


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