Elf Antics Week 1: Meet George

Our Elf on the Shelf arrived on Saturday, bringing with him the first of the daily advent gifts (all books) for the children. They decided to call him George. He seems to be settling in well although he is having a 'duvet' day today after causing carnage in the sitting room last night with his friends.

Little Miss has come around to having a spy in the house and I have never seen My Boy more thrilled, or more creative. When George was hiding in the toilet tissue, he went into the bathroom and started making a terrible noise. D rushed in thinking he was in pain or had a problem, only to find he was speaking Elvish. Another night it was like an episode of 'CSI Sussex' as he went around the house finding all sorts of clues as to George's night time antics and was making up some really incredible stories as he bagged his evidence. When he discovered the tree had been decorated in socks, he literally screamed with delight - he loves that we have a cheeky, messy elf. They are kindred spirits.  (The little santa in the last picture is the gift My Boy bought for him.) Arranging an elf adoption might be the best and most memorable thing I did for him this year. 

If you can't find an "official" Elf on the Shelf but would like one, take a look here or here - there are lot of other patterns on Ravelry too. If you already have an elf scout in your home and have been taking pictures of their antics, please join in by adding your link below. If you can link back to this post, people will know how to join in too, which would be lovely. (Feel free to link to an online elf photo album if you don't have a blog.) Myself and the children are looking forward to seeing what they have all been up to. 

EDIT: Aaaargh - Mr Linky mysteriously vanished!!!!  I've put it back and hope it work this time!


  1. Oh I wish I'd been more organised this year, we have an elf (not an official one) that would've been perfect, but life has been far too hectic this past 3 months. I think I might make one of those elves you linked to, they are too cute! Next year though.

  2. I'm so excited about doing 'Elf on the Shelf' this year - we've never done it before so it's all new to the kids too. Noel arrived today to much excitement and I can't wait to set him up tonight for the kids to discover in the morning! I made Noel, based on the Knee Huggers pattern you linked ;)


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