Monday, 17 December 2012

Catching Up (including Year of Projects #17)

Hat: rescued from the charity shop for £2.50
Girl: made her myself, priceless
With a week to go until Christmas Eve, the children are incredibly excited. They have been singing songs from the pre-school carol concert on Friday and watching the video clip of My Boy's poetry recital. (Unfortunately there are too many other kids in most of the pictures so I can't share them here.) We have seen one Santa or another for four consecutive days - needless to say they realised it wasn't all the same person, and have sussed that there is in fact a Team of "Santas" at this time of year. 

Our Primary school doesn't finish until Friday (!!!) so it's just Little Miss and I at home this week and there is still much to do but we are slowly ticking things off the ever-expanding list, between laughter and cuddles. I've packed up a few parcels ready to post today, the fifth load of drying is in the tumbler and the grocery deliveries are booked until the new year.  It's a start. 

There are a few crafty things on my list too, the first of which is to block 22 Little Clouds which I think will go nicely with that hat - which incidentally is mine! This is a really cute little knit and worked up quickly even though it needed additional rows after using 4ply for the DK pattern. I'll add a better picture  later in the week when it's blocked.... beter add that to the list. But it's finished. 
My other YoP Project, February Lady Sweater, needs the second arm to be finished and that will be done too, but you may have noticed that I always slow down when the end is in sight. Not sure why....


  1. Your own creation is adorable! :-D

    1. Thanks Could say the same about your little cutie-pie too :D

  2. Your own creation is adorable! :-D

  3. Love your own creation, that is priceless and I only just noticed the hat lol. 22 clouds will suit it perfectly. Hope you get all on your list crossed off this week !

    1. Thanks Ruth - I'm hopeful that everything important WILL get done! :D

  4. What a little sweetie! I think she needs a hat the same as Mummy's! That shawl looks gorgeous... I'm wondering if I might attempt it myself (as an avid crocheter - not very fast knitter) ...what do you think? Hugs, Jillx

    1. I think she will too! I think this is a great project for a less experienced knitter - especially if you use the correct yarn. With DK I think this could be knit up in no time.. even if you're not very fast! :)

  5. Oh, your daughter is lovely. I keep going back and looking at the photos. She's so beautiful. And if that hat is yours, and if your house is anything like ours, you're going to have to hide it or it'll become someone else's. :)

  6. Those photos are gorgeous. What a little angel! I am sure you will get everything that needs to be done done. Loving the look of 22 clouds. (I also slow down when the end is near - don't know why either!) Hope you have a lovely Christmas :)

  7. What a fun age she is playing like that for the camera. Adorable :)
    Sounds like you've had a productive week. Your 22 Little Clouds looks lovely. What a gorgeous blue!

  8. Oh she's just lovely (so's the hat). Our week has been much the same - mine don't finish till Friday either :( Em (lululoves) xx

  9. Oh she's just lovely (so's the hat). Our week has been much the same - mine don't finish till Friday either :( Em (lululoves) xx

  10. Oh she's just lovely (so's the hat). Our week has been much the same - mine don't finish till Friday either :( Em (lululoves) xx

  11. How did I publish that 3 times? I'm useless at commenting! Em xx

  12. uhmm...start saving for a good security system...cuz during the dating years, your gonna have every teenage boy for miles looking for a way to charm her... actually, she looks like the charmer! What knitting?

  13. So much cuteness! I do love the hat in Cornishware colours and the very pretty shawl.

    My girl finished school on Friday too and she has been beyond exhausted all week.

  14. This little princess is such a beauty! What a perfect rescue that earflap hat. I thought you had made it!
    Your children's school stretched out as long as my daughters' school did. Was it hard for to juggle everything with so many festivities going on at school?


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