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KNITTING: Rondelay by Jennifer Dassau

Rondelay is a lovely one-skein sock yarn pattern. It's very simple with lots of garter stitch and yarn overs, and the interesting shape courtesy of the short rows (wrap & turn) mean it is not boring to knit. I had hoped to get most of it done last night, but poor Little Miss awoke, boiling hot and covered in a raised red rash, like welts all over her body. Some antihistamine and paracetamol settled her but I didn't get to do my knitting after all. One more evening and it'll be finished so I have my fingers crossed for tonight.... 
Source: CariadJude on Instagram
After my post last Wednesday I finished Victoria Hislop's The Island and whilst it was readable and quite interesting in parts, there was nothing extraordinary about it and I felt the ending was a little rushed in comparison with the start of the book. At the weekend the lovely Jude (Cariad in Crete) brought it to life with an Instagram photo of Spinalonga (the "island") and the coastline where the book is set - I would imagine that reading the book whilst there would be quite a different experience, and it's definitely a 'beach read' type of book. There is nothing particularly challenging about it and I didn't feel as empathetic as perhaps I should at certain points in the story. In short  it's a hard luck tale with a bit of romance and family drama thrown in. 

I'm yet to start another novel (as I mentioned yesterday, the little one being ill has stripped me of my "me" time) so instead I'm perusing Granny Chic which I'm sure you will have seen all over the internet by now. I haven't read much yet but am already feeling inspired for a few little projects. Just need to find some time... 

Today's links are Tami's and Ginny's blogs where you'll find lots more knitting, crochet and books. I'll be back tomorrow for the penultimate Festive Gift Guide, and there is still time to enter the Giveaway!


  1. Your shawl is beautiful! I love the yarn you're using.
    I hope your daughter feels better quickly.

  2. Hope Little Miss gets loads better soon xxx

  3. Beautiful pattern and yarn! Granny Chic...I love it!
    Sending healing thoughts your way.

  4. my goodness, that shawl is beautiful. i can't wait to see how it looks all completed.

  5. your shawl looks gorgeous Sarah! I'm going to have a look at that pattern, one skein patterns are the best!

  6. Oh no, :O( poor lil' princess. What a nasty, mean bug she's got. I hope she feels better soon. A friend of mine posted this interesting article about how ppl cut open an onion and put the pieces around the house or by the sick one so no one else gets sick.
    I love how that shawlette is one skein of sock yarn. I think I'll need to try that.


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