Bits & Pieces (and a little Facebook tip)

Little Miss has been under the weather, it's a cold but she hasn't had many before and is feeling rather sorry for herself. By day she has been off her food, has needed lots of extra attention, and apart from a little bit of cutting and sticking or watching Brave, hasn't done very much at all. By night she has been coughing herself awake before I've gone to bed, re-assigning my usual blog-writing time as "snuggling-back-to-sleep" time. I missed my Year of Projects Update on Sunday and didn't manage to write the planned review of the first 5 issues of Gathered by Mollie Makes, so they are both to follow.

Those who already like Crafts from the Cwtch on facebook will know that I haven't been completely idle. Rondelay, is coming along well and won't take many more hours to finish. I'll show you some pictures tomorrow. On the subject of facebook, I'd been wondering why (1) a lot of the pages I follow were not appearing in my feed and (2) why some of my own posts hadn't 'reached' any of the 300+ followers there, especially those which had posted from other apps like Networked Blogs. I discovered that recent changes mean you no longer automatically see the updates in your newsfeed for pages you've liked. If you ask me, it completely defeats the object of following pages if you don't see their updates, but thankfully there is a way you can get them back. Just follow this screenshot to select "get notifications" in the subscriber settings. 

After doing this, my feed is slowly starting to fill up again - I hope you'll find it useful. As for my posts, I've stopped using Networked Blogs on facebook and am having to remember to post the links there myself which is quite frustrating as they have been automatic for the whole time I've been blogging, but I won't go into a 'facebook advertising' rant tonight or I'll never get anything else done. So that's it from me. See you tomorrow for WIPs and Books


  1. Awww I hope Lil miss is well soon. X

  2. Sorry the baby is ill. When they're miserable, we feel the same. I hope the bug leaves soon.


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