We are all starting to settle into our new schedule. We are all tired but finding our groove.  There is a distinct nip in the air confirming that Autumn is here. With the nights drawing in, it's definitely Knitting Time and I'm on a bit of a mission to finish Windward. After that I think it'll be time to start on some hats. It's not cold enough for coats, but our school run is shady now that the sun is lower in the sky and I'm thinking of snuggly things and being cosy, new hats will be perfect.

A number of people asked for my Mum's gluten-free coconut "boob" biscuit recipe when I posted a picture on Instagram recently. If you fancy making a batch, you can find the recipe at under a different name (blame my sister for the boob thing). They are deliciously crispy and perfect dunked in a mug of tea - just what you need after a walk in the cold, but right now the sun is shining and we're going to make the most of it with a morning out in the local countryside, and maybe a hunt for  some early conkers. 


  1. Autumn is definitely drawing in, and I have been wearing a hat already :) Those biscuits look yummy, I love the name he he x

  2. I'm not liking this cold nip and the nights are starting to get darker too:( its cosy blanket time I think

  3. Sweet cookies are always a treat! I agree! W/Autumn around the corner, hats and such are a must.

  4. Just catching up here :) The cookies look delicious. Now I'm getting my knitting mojo back I'm thinking of giving Windward a go ... good idea?

    (Hope you get this comment, I'm having trouble persuading my laptop to load your blog.)

    1. Hi Annie, I did get this and I've emailed you. The Windward pattern is great - I would recommend it :)

  5. We've been baking here on the cool nights already too, and my knitting was non stop this past this time of year for knitting....but miss my garden already!

  6. Not liking that nip, especially when the sun comes up later as I am then over dressed! Will check out that recipe - thanks:)


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