Wednesday's WIPs and books

KNITTINGNuvem by Martina Behm using Drops Lace,
 Windward by Heidi Kirrmeir using Fyberspates Nef Sock

I can't believe the summer holidays are almost over and next Wednesday BOTH of the littles go back to school or pre-school. These last five weeks have flown by, and my knitting and blogging (not to mention the housekeeping) have all been seriously impacted, but I'm really not ready for them to go back yet! It'll be far too quiet without them. Some distractions are in order and I've lined up a couple of giveaways, some book reviews that I'm really looking forward to sharing - and also a new Knitalong (details coming soon!) In the meantime I've managed a couple of hours of knitting this week, mainly on Windward which I started on the train at the weekend. The pattern is really fun, with simple stitches - it's all knit and purl apart from a couple of different increase and decrease stitches - but the modular construction is something a bit different. I'm finding it quite fascinating as I haven't made anything in this way before. I'll tell you more about it when it's done - which may be a while as I'm seriously distracted by another WIP at the moment...

Do you remember I showed you our 'new-to-us' playhouse last week? Between showers we have added the first coat of paint and it's starting to turn into 'The Beach Hut'. We have the second coat and the inside to paint (cream) before the decor and accessories can be added. I'm hoping to have it done this week but the weather forecast isn't great and the paint needs 8 rain-free hours in which to dry. The kids have painted the left side and the back (they can fit in the small gaps), while Mum and I did the  more 'visible' sections. Listening to them chat to one other while they worked - oblivious that I could hear - was one of my favourite parts of the summer so far *chuckle*.
I'm still really not feeling the love for my book club book (Allende's The Sum of Our Days) and so have been dipping in and out of The Crystal Bible. Knowing very little about crystals or rock formation in general (wish I'd studied Geology at school) it's quite interesting and I'm more than a little fascinated about the notion of healing with crystals. Any comments on that would be great. 

So that's it from me. I'm joining in with Tami and Ginny where there are more works in progress and books. Enjoy the rest of your week - I'll be back soon xxxx


  1. I really like the colours of you windward, it will be lovely for autumn. Oh I so love the beach hut. Great colours, I'm sure there will be lots of fun in there.
    Ali x

  2. Your shawl is coming on so fast, it's really lovely, the same goes for the beach hut. I LOVE IT!!

  3. I love that Beach Hut. It is so awesome and perfect for kids. I can't wait to see how you decorate the inside.

    1. I have lots of ideas although space is limited! I just ordered the cutest welcome mat, can't wait for it to arrive!

  4. Yay for the Beach Hut! I envy the eveness of your coat (it looks so much better than our second...)! What's your secret?

  5. I love the Beach Hut :) I've read some of the Crystal Bible, I find it very good. My best friends in the crystal world are Amethyst, Citrine and Rose Quartz. I would suggest them as your basics with a piece of Hematite for grounding. :)

  6. Your projects are gorgeous. Liking both the colour ways you're working with.
    Enjoy investigating those crystals.

  7. That little beach hut is AMAZING! I always wanted a play house when I was little. Hope back to school goes well for you and your little ones. I know I am looking forward to fall and ready to slow down.

  8. Love, love, love, your colour choices for your two projects!!!

  9. The beach hut looks gorgeous, love those colours! I've been busy painting the inside of our summerhouse, I let the children have a wall (then had to sand it down once they were in bed!) but they had a great time too. Em xx


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