Wednesday's WIPs and Books

KNITTING: Nuvem by Martina Behm
and an improvised top-down cardigan for Little Miss

Last night I finally picked up some knitting and managed to add a meagre round or so to Nuvem - it's getting big but next week I'll try to get a decent photo to show you the size. I also started a cardi just before we went away and I'm not sure I'm happy with the YO increases - the holes are so big in relation to the width of the garment, so I'm thinking of frogging it and using KFB instead....

This last week is the longest I have gone without making anything since I started knitting (20 months ago) and I'm surprised at how quickly my hands 'lost' the speed and agility they usually have. Definitely need to rectify this asap. 

What I lacked in knitting during our holiday, I made up for in books. Since last Wednesday when I'd just finished one book, I read another one and a half. Firstly Hurry Up and Wait by Isabel Ashdown which had rave reviews on Amazon, but frankly left me unsatisfied. The book is very definitely set in the 80s and for much of it I felt that the setting was emphasised far more than the weak story. I kept reading it because I was hoping to come across some amazing ending (the ending was so heavily sign-posted throughout the book, it was totally expected) or a point in the story that would have made those reviews worthwhile. Sadly this is one book that really didn't do it for me and I'm glad I paid only 99p for it in the Amazon Reading Marathon sale.

Also from the sale, I'm now onto Broken Places by Wendy Perriam, being half way in I'm not yet sure how it'll work out but so far the writing is very enjoyable and I'm interested in the main character Eric Parkhill, a neurotic and quite tragic character - I'll let you know next week!

It's our wedding anniversary so I'm not hanging around today - the kids are off to my Mum's and we're heading off for a post-holiday mini-break! I'll leave you with a look at the splendid Sussex skyline from last night and the links for WIP Wednesday and the Yarn Along.

Enjoy the rest of your day xxxx


  1. The colors in the cardigan are absolutely gorgeous! Is that hand spun?

    1. Hi Donna, it's not - it's some very inexpensive acrylic mix - I think it worked out about £3 a ball! when I've finished the cardi I'll add all the details.

  2. Happy Anniversary, have a fabulous short break x

    Weren't those few days of a blue sky summer delicious!

  3. Happy Anniversary to you and your husband. Good for you on having a date night. Nuvem looks like it's grown and fun to see a self-striping yarn for the cardi.

    1. We have been trying to do this every few months. Otherwise we hardly spend any decent time together as he's always working.

  4. Happy anniversary ... thanks for sharing the beauty of Sussex. I need to get back there one day!

  5. Pretty cardi knitting - looking forward to seeing more of that soon.
    Enjoy the mini break.

  6. Happy anniversary! And I did not know Nuvem, but it looks like a beautiful pattern!

    1. Thanks. It's a great design. Although the rounds are HUGE now :-/


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