Back to reality...and a ton of ironing!

What a week! I've said it before and I'll say it again, holidays ain't what they used to be ..... but all things considered, our Tunisian break was as good as it gets with a clingy 3 year old and a boisterous boy of 6.

For the first time since our honeymoon we went on an all inclusive package to a holiday village, not that it was quite the same as a deluxe fortnight in the Maldives, but still. It was actually really good! My Boy went to the Kids' Club every morning for various themed 'Play and Learn' activities, then whole afternoons were spent en famille in the children's pools. When we needed a break from the heat, the incredibly hungry (boys) and fussy (girls) amongst us found plenty to choose from. I can't speak highly enough of the Tunisian resort staff - they were efficient, lovely with the children and all spoke good English. (According to the tour guide, the average Tunisian is in education until the age of 25 and is tri-lingual!)

Had it been possible for the kids to stay awake there was plenty of evening entertainment, although we didn't see any of it as we were ALL in bed by 20:30 every night. D and I came home having had more sleep in one week than at any other time in the last 7 years. We didn't make full use of the all inclusive activities or the plentiful food/drink, but the holiday still represented really good value - in fact we liked it so much we've already booked another holiday village for next year. Hopefully Little Miss will be ready to participate a bit more in the fun, and we might even get an hour or two of relaxation, because truly this year we were lifeguards rather than holiday-makers.

If you saw last week's update, you'll know there was no crafting while we were away, and I'm trying not to pick anything up whilst there is still laundry and ironing to get through, so I'll have to get back to you on that tomorrow!


  1. Did you hook your daughter's sun hat? It's so cute. How divine to get away to somewhere like there! Glad you and the ohana had a restful and delightful holiday.

    1. Thanks, Kepanie! The hat was bought from our local supermarket and appears to be made from one long piece of thin fabric, sewn into circles! :)

  2. Welcome home. So glad you were able to enjoy a family vacation.

  3. Your fotos are really beautyful, they breathe the summer! It makes me happy to look at. Hope, you can commemorate the wonderful moments for a long time.
    Have a nice stay at home too. Sabine from Germany.


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