Tuesday Tally and some thoughts on Hexipuffs

TALLY: 160 Hexipuffs
YARNS: Various sock/4 ply yarns including lots of semi-solid Knitting Goddess Mini-skeins
NEEDLES: 3.25mm circular or 3 x DPNs

There is something very addictive about hexipuffs. I'm not quite sure what it is? Maybe it's the short amount of time it takes to make something that feels like a little finished object in it's own right, or the chance to use so many lovely and varied colours? Or perhaps it's knowing that there are little bits of other projects (my own and others') in there? I'm not sure. Regardless, I've found myself looking forward to making at least one each day. You can see some of this week's additions in the bottom left of the collage. I didn't pull them into shape before photographing them, and you can see some have been squished either by project bag, or by little hands that find them so irresistible. A reader asked for a picture showing all of them, and as I tipped them onto the Cwtch sofa, I noticed that the cheaper 4 ply yarn (such as the solid coloured puffs in the bottom right picture, from Patons Fairytale Dreamtime 4 ply) has kept its shape really well, despite being some of the first puffs I'd made. A squish-comparison test also confirmed that these feel quite a bit more sturdy. I think I'll make some more using these plainer yarns to give the finished quilt a bit more body - plus I think the mix of solids, semis and variegated actually looks nice when they are all together.

Since starting this project last summer, I've changed my mind on it's final location many times, but seeing them on that sofa I think I'll have a hard time putting them anywhere else.

I'm writing this post on Monday due to a school trip, so I'll come back later with the proper links - but you should be able to find details of the other One a Day projects here.


  1. Wow! What a beautiful collection of hexipuffs, I just want to roll in them lol

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you. That photo is beautiful. I wouldn't want to make anything with them they just look so soft and squishy all together. Loveliness in a photo. Actually I don't have the right words to describe this picture.

  3. That looks like a colourful, soft ball-pit!

  4. They look great all piled up

  5. They look gorgeous. That's interesting what you said about the different yarns. I got some gorgeous mini skeins and while they make the most beautiful soft Hexipuffs they don't stay looking like Hexipuffs very long. So far, my favourite have been the ones I've made using Colinette Jitterbug yarn, the yarn seems just that slightly bit thicker and they make a really nice solid Hexipuff. On a funny note I love that my iPad now recognises the word Hexipuff!

  6. I too love making things that require lots of smaller parts. You get a bit of satisfaction often and then when you look at them all together you get another hit :) Your hexipuffs look amazing - no wonder they get a bit squished sometimes!

  7. OH wow, 160!! They look super, I cannot wait to see you start joining them it will be so cool :D

  8. Wow, so many !!! They look fab, I just love the variety of colours. Deb xxx

  9. I want to jump and land on my back among those cute hexis.

  10. Every time you post a picture I can't help looking for *my* puffs ;) I love the look of them, I want to fill a (clean and dry) bath with them and just luxuriate!

  11. I love your puffs!! They are so colorful and WHEW!! 160 is so many - you must be getting to the end.

  12. Your hexipuffs are amazing and soo many! They are looking great together! Hmm, maybe I should learn to make them too??
    Have a great new week! xxxBarbina


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