A makeover ta-dah.... and a knitted one with rubbish pics!

I know, I know! Every Friday I tell you that I finished something days ago then didn't block it or photograph it and then post a rubbish picture hastily self-taken on Friday morning. Today is no exception. You see, this week I had another far more important mission... 

Did you see last weekend's post about how My Boy and I have been reconnecting? As part of this I was thinking about the common causes of conflict between us and "the state of the playroom" was very high up that list. (The toys all get pulled out and left all over the floor, things get lost/broken, the kids don't want to play in there because it's messy and they start dragging toys elsewhere, I get stressed out when no one helps to put them away.....) I decided this would be the week to sort and tidy the room and ensure everything had a proper home, that the baby toys and books were removed to make space.
I've tried to make different areas for the various activities that take place there - a comfy area for watching TV, the table is set up for "busy work", there is a separate area for imaginative play which is mostly geared towards Little Miss - she likes to play 'shop', 'babies' and loves the dolls house. The books are sorted and there is a comfy space for My Boy to sit on the floor next to the shelves to read. So far so good - they are really enjoying the space and are KEEPING IT TIDY!!!!

You may recognise the blackboard wall and Ikea spice rack "bookshelf" hack from Pinterest - I did these a while ago, but I'm not sure I mentioned them. It took two entire afternoons to complete the transformation and as Little Miss and I are out in the mornings, it really left no time to think about blocking and photographing the Noro Tunic I made earlier in the week, which is a shame because I like it a lot more than I expected to. 
PATTERN: Improvised - Ravelry notes are here 
YARN: Approx 1.7 balls of Noro Silk Garden Sock yarn (S267)
NEEDLES: 5.5mm 
I'm surprised how far a couple of balls went and there would have been enough yarn to make this a few inches longer if I'd wanted to.  It's already quite a baggy fit below they bust (I made it slightly A-line) and could stretch out considerably longer with blocking. I think I'll get  quite a bit of wear out of it either as a summer top or as a layer in transitional months.  With layering in mind, I made slightly unusual 'open cap sleeves' to accomodate tops with wider arms (I have a few) and details of that can be found on the Ravelry page.

With all that done, I'm looking forward to a getting on with my second Color Affection shawl over the weekend, especially as I am not in the slightest bit interested in the football. How about you? 

As usual, I'm linking in with Creative Friday and FO Friday
Hope you have a wonderful weekend xxxx


  1. No interest at all in the football here ... even the men chez knitsofacto aren't bothered (if it's not got an engine, or at least wheels, it's not worth their time!).

    Liking the top muchly. I shall follow your suggestions and revisit Noro :D

  2. Love to see more of your house, it looks so lovely! Love the IKEA hack. You are so talented that you improvised the tunic, it turned out great. More pictures please!

    I'm a big football fan, but the Dutch team has lost two games already and probably won't make it. Too bad, since I like watching the national team. The other games don't interest me at all :p.

  3. I like to watch football during European or Word Championships. But this year, as the Swiss team is not in the competition, it's not the same. On the other hand because my favourite team is Portugal (don't ask me why), I don't have to feel guilty. And of course there is something in watching men running forth and back with only one gaol. I like their thighs the most. ;-)

  4. Looks great! I love the spice rack idea. I have no desire, ever, to care about football but unfortunately my guy thinks it is amazing so I get stuck knitting through matches.

  5. Couldn't give two hoots about the football but thankfully nobody else in my house cares either.
    Love the top. Nice to see how far Noror can go because it's not that cheap.
    looking forward to seeing more of your second shawl.

  6. I think the spice racks are a fab idea. Im not in the slightest bit interested in the football either. Im 14 weeks pregnant, second time lucky I hope. I want this baby so much. I hope I can be a good mom.

  7. Your top looks gorgeous, much nicer than most of the Noro garments I've seen!

    Love the playroom, great idea to sort it out to reduce conflict. Can I come and play? ;)

  8. Forgot to say you make the most beatiful knitted things for your children.

  9. Love the playroom!!! Those book racks are such a good idea....we don't have IKEA here (sadly) but methinks I could lay my hands on similar spice racks. Am thinking more of my classroom so thanks for a great idea. Your tunic looks great. I think I'll have to make it so I'll add it to the list!!!!!!!! Have a great weekend. x

  10. The transformation looks great - I love the spicerack bookshelves. Ironically, we're planning on using Ikea picture rails as spiceracks in our new kitchen. I wonder if anyone puts anything from Ikea to its proper use?

  11. The play room is great! I love your Noro top, and the fact that is can be worn in more than one season!

  12. I love everything about this post! The organization of the playroom looks great (I love the granny pillows!) And your Noro tunic looks fab- super comfy and versatile always top my list of requirements for clothing :)

  13. Beautiful everything!
    I want that sweater! And a chalkboard wall for Vyvyan ;)

  14. Play room is looking lovely. I like your top the colour is very nice.

  15. I went to Ikea just to get those spice racks, I spent over £100 on 'stuff' and the spice racks were out of stock!

    Love the top. I've seen a few pretty Noro items recently and could almost be tempted to try some, I'm still a Noro virgin ;)

  16. really fab top - how clever!!


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