Q:When is a FO* not quite a FO?

A: when it's been pinched from another project you hibernated ages ago
 PATTERN: based on the motif from Lula Crochet Scarf by Amanda Perkins
YARN: Natural Dye Studio Dazzle Sock

I'm a bit crazy for crochet at the moment, a fact which I'm mostly blaming on the Creative Crochet Crew facebook page - every day I am tempted to the hooky side with all the beautiful pictures. Looking through my crochet bucket (yes, there is one, which is usually neglected) I found these motifs from last summer. I LOVE the pattern and the yarn but had decided it would be better with more colours and so it went into hibernation. When I came across it today I decided to revamp it into a little scarf for Pixie. 
This fabulous book arrived in the post today - a little present to myself which I'm planning to use for at least one of these cushions. But not this weekend. Oh no! Tomorrow I'm off to my favourite hair salon for a little makeover (I've already been treated to a Geleration manicure today thanks to a generous friend) and then D is taking me for a child-free, relaxing night away. Not only is it my birthday on Monday, but ten years ago today, in a rowing boat in Central Park New York, he asked me to be his wife. It was a wonderful day, truly special. At a time in our lives when we hardly see one another (and when we do, we are too tired to take very much interest) it is essential to do this every so often. 

Hope you all have a lovely weekend too. 
*FO = finished object/completed project


  1. oooh, how wonderful and romantic!! :) enjoy .¸¸.•*¨*•♥

  2. I'm so excited for you, it sounds like you have a few things to look forward to and enjoy....Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary, Happy makeover!

    Enjoy and wallow in each moment!

    Love Pixie's scarf and your new book.

  3. Have a wonderful weekend - sounds like lots of lovely things to do :)

    An FO still counts if it is repurposed, as far as I'm concerned ;) Such a cute little scarf for Pixie

  4. Have a wonderful weekend! And thanks for your comment, I'm enjoying doing NOTHING, which means for example eating ice cream at a lovely place.

  5. I love that book! You'll have fun with it.

  6. Happy Birthday wishes and wishes for many, many more.

  7. Ooooh I am not much of a crocheter, but I have coveted that book for a while- I hope you enjoy it ^_^
    Pixie is looking cute in her new scarf- she always looks cute ♥
    And happy birthday slash anniversary. So much to celebrate!

  8. Definitely one of my favorite crochet books! good choice :)

  9. Manicure looks great, cute way to resurrect the old project. Happy Birthday early, and Happy Anniversary. Wow, you've got lots of special days all bunched together. Hubby and I are old farts, in June we'll hit year #40


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