May Day (.....was a washout)

You know what 'they' say about best laid plans?
Yesterday we decided to go to Rusper, a small village about 30 minutes away, and we left straight after an early lunch. It was raining on and off - as it has been for over a week (so glad I'd bought myself some new Wellies a few weeks ago). As we had to park quite a long way out of the centre and walk with the littlies to the village green, we arrived just in time for the END of the Punch & Judy show. The Maypole and Morris Dancing were scheduled for TWO HOURS later. We spent as long as we could wandering around the small selection of vintage cars and steam engines but there really was not enough to do for more than about half an hour, no matter how slowly we walked - so we ended up trudging back to the car and heading home.

My Boy was chuffed when he got to 'drive' this 60 year old Ford Prefect so the he didn't mind coming home. Little Miss was happy to get out of the rain.To be honest, I don't think D minded either. 
So the highlight of the long 'May Day' Bank Holiday weekend.........?
Meeting Fireman Sam at Fisher's Farm Park, of course!
(I really wish I'd managed to take a photo of him attempting to give my mother a fireman's lift!) 


  1. I am SO glad you didn't take a photograph ... he quite scared me ~ there was no way the little man would have got me over his shoulder without doing some damage to both of us!!! xxx

  2. ooh, interesting maypole! i actually hade no idea this tradition existed outside of scandinavia -- always fun to learn something new :)

  3. Looks like you had a lovely day despite the weather :)

  4. Hi Sarah! The weather hasn't been much like spring here either, every week we hope for some sun and picknick-proof temperatures but no luck so far. Congrats on your pixy picture, you won! I came in second! How cool is that? I thought it was so nice that you won, since I'm a big fan :-D. Although I did try to beat you, ;-).


  5. So typical of a British bank holiday to be wet and cold! Sounds like you all made the best of it though. Yay for Fireman Sam!

  6. That does not sound like the best organised may day! Your maypole picture took me back - I used to live in a village in Devon (when I was about 7) and we used to do the maypole thing - I haven't thought about that in years so thanks for the nostalgia!

    Congrats on winning the photo competition from blog week by the way :) I voted for you!


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