Everything's Rose-y

Finally, some warm weather has arrived in South East England! Our house was previously owned by a retired couple who seem to have spent a lot of time on the garden. We are no gardeners, so it's taken on a slightly more natural look these days, but it's so wonderful to open the curtains each morning and see what else has bloomed. There are lots of roses - red, white, pink and some of mixed colours - they are very pretty but, I'll be honest, the simplicity of the clematis and colour of the chives make them my favourites. The chives also match my almost-finished jumper, but more of that another day.


I wore So Strawberry Pogona this morning before the heat, and as much as I dislike being in front of the camera (especially when I'm taking the picture myself!), I love it enough to make an exception for the people who asked for an action picture. It's so easy to wear, I expect to be making at least one more. I'll be back tomorrow with an update on the June Shawl Knitalong - I'd love to see which three colours you're using - you can tag any pics on Twitter or Instagram using #JSKknitalong. 


  1. I would love to have a garden so that it could be filled with flowers and things. They are always pretty when they bloom in the warmth.

    Your pogona looks wonderful, I would love to create something like that but it looks very difficult!!

  2. If I looked as stunning in a quicky snap as you do I would fill my blog with nothing else!

  3. i love your pogona its so pretty
    Im loving the flower pics too, isn't the sunshine just amazing.

  4. It's looking good :D

    Our garden seemed quite bereft of anything flowering now the tulips are over so I went out today and bought geums and violas and am enjoying the quick colour fix.

  5. Any photo I've ever tried to take of myself looks horrendous, yours on the other hand is lovely.

    Isn't it wonderful to have an already established garden, and your flower pics are beautiful....my garden is very relaxed....a little too much, but hey, time is carefully allotted and I have far too many things to b doing to be too picky!

  6. Totally new to instagram Sarah, clueless about the tagging etc :-(
    loving chives also!

  7. How lovely to see blooming flowers out your window. We have no garden here. My grandmother had everything ripped out b/c she couldn't stand the weeds.
    You are so cute.


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