It's rare that I have a finished object and miss posting on Friday - this week I had finished two things but didn't get around to posting. I'd been hoping the weather would brighten up enough to get an outdoor photo of the finished Knitalong shawl (now it looks like it may be June before that opportunity arises, the weather forecast is not good!).  As for the other little object, following on from the popularity of last week's hat, I made another. 
YARN: Wendy Sublime Cotton DK
PATTERN: modified version of Autumn Hat from The Green Dragonfly

In Wednesday's post I mentioned the plans for the next Knitalong which starts in June, you can find the poll on the top right sidebar to decide which shawl we knit. At the moment there's just one vote between the Colour Affection and Whippoorwill patterns, so if you're planning on taking part please place your vote. Talking of votes, a massive THANK YOU to all who have so far voted for Pixie Winslet in the KCBW Photography Competition Final. Voting closes tomorrow morning (Monday 7th May) so there's still time to pop over and take a look at the 10 finalists and to vote for your favourite. 

So what sort of things have been happening while I wasn't blogging...? 
Playing with new (birthday) toys, cooking with Nanna, planting Sunflower seeds, lots of writing,
and yesterday we were PARTYING!!!!!!
 New dress (made my Nanna), a Hello Kitty cake (a very specific request), crafting, face painting, and not pictured we had dancing, traditional party games, stories, lots of lovely food, a couple of great ladies and a gang of lovely kids to enjoy it all with. We had a fabulous time!  

My knitting isn't going so great this week, I am contemplating unravelling the second cardigan pattern I've started because I'm not happy with it. It may be necessary to make something up as I can't find anything that's quite right for my Little Miss. Or I may give up on the knitting altogether and crochet something...? 

Tomorrow is a Bank Holiday so we're going in search of May Day Morris Dancers and Maypoles... in the rain. Wish us luck! I also have an interview post coming up this week with Danielle from A Stash Addict - you have probably already seen her blog and her lovely yarns (remember my Hitchiker?) but you may not know that Danielle has Dyslexia and Dyscalculia which both have a massive impact on her ability to interpret patterns and knit/crochet. I found it really interesting and eye-opening, and I think you will too. 


  1. What a busy time you've had!Little Miss looks so so sweet Happy Birthday to her. I have got myself involved in a mystery sock KAL. It's so exciting.


  2. I'm in a shawl fever, so I've just woted for the June knitalong. Wish you a lovely Sunday.

  3. I think Im going to have a go at knitting a shawl, once I've finished my throw, you've inspired me.

  4. What a great hat. It looks like you've had a busy week!

  5. Your children are so adorable.

    Lots of Morris Dancers, maypoles, and a Jack in the Green procession all going on along the South Coast in sunny ;0) Hastings tomorrow!

  6. Sounds like it was an awesome birthday party! Gorgeous photos!

  7. good luck with the Morris Dancing in the rain search!
    fab post as ever x

  8. Lucky lil' gal to get such an awesome Hello Kitty cake! Your lil' one is adorable. That blue goes beautifully w/her gorgeous lil' eyes.


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