Stripe Study Shawl Knitalong - Week 2

Hello! Tuesday means two things for us (a) it's an incredibly busy day here, and (b) time for the Knitalong update....which is a quick one because of (a)!
As you can see, my Stripe Study Shawl is progressing. It's on a 100cm cable and I  can no longer stretch it out so it's hard to get a decent photo. It's getting wide - REALLY wide - and the rows take a long time now, but it doesn't feel as though the shawl is very long yet. I think this is an item that will take quite a bit more knitting and also some blocking to get it to the size I am anticipating.  As I usually knit for just an hour or so at night, this is going to take me a while to finish (there's still plenty of time to join the KAL!)
YARN: Silk/Cashmere 4 ply - special purchase from Nimu Yarns

I just love seeing all the other variations on the Instagram gallery - here are the 10 latest photos.....
You can add yours to the feed by tagging them #sssknitalong. We are using the same tag on Twitter

Feel free to leave a URL link to your shawl below (blog/twitter/flickr etc) and you can also head over to my conspirator, Nat's blog where she's included a Mister Linky this week. I look forward to taking a peek at how you're all getting on. 

I had a break from the shawl yesterday so that Pixie Moon and I could start a little crochet project. We'll be back with that tomorrow. 


  1. Phew - I'm not as far behind as I feared ;)

    Looking gorgeous again, but I know what you mean about the width vs the length. Mine only just fits along my 120com cable for pictures at this stage!

  2. ah, looking at your pics with the shawls spread open i was wondering how long your cables were! mine is only 80 cm. i have no idea about the size, it's all scrunched up ;)

    sarah, yours looks so soft and gorgeous! makes me want to reach into the picture and have a feel :)

    so much fun to see all pics from instagram! (i don't have a smartphone *stifled sobs*)

  3. Everyone is doing such a great job.

  4. Is it winning you over to garter stitch, Sarah?

  5. what lovely colours you have chosen

  6. I've been stretched to my technical edge just now trying to figure out the tag thing....have joined instagram, can't figure out how to share......again, I'm sure it's simple it's just me....don't have a clever phone, just doing it on the iPad, so really not getting it! I've just started following you, so I'm the weirdo who is only following one person (you) if you were wondering!

    My link to my post is

    Loving your shawl, the colours and drape are gorgeous. My 80cm circulars are making it hard to photograph, goodness knows what it will be like when I get to stripe 10 like you!


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