Snippets (of life): Sunhat Raincoat weather

"Sometimes it snows in April" 
- Prince

It hasn't quite snowed here this last week of the school holidays, but the weather has been incredibly changeable. Bright warm sunshine one minute, then by the time you decide it's safe to take a walk to the park, it rains. Not much fun for the kids once the novelty of wet sand has worn off. We spent a lot of the week in-and-out of the garden, reading, drawing and being a little bit stir-crazy! 

Yesterday something amazing happened. (Well, actually a couple of amazing things as I also went for a lovely birthday celebration lunch for a special friend - without the kids, and with just other women, wine and excellent food. I so rarely get to do this, it was a real treat.) I digress. Yesterday I introduced my Mum to the delights of the Yarn & Fabric shop in Guildford (I've written about it before) and....I DIDN'T BUY ANYTHING!!!!!... although I was seriously tempted by this little selection:
Tomorrow it's back to some kind of normality when pre-school restarts. Then it's back to school on Tuesday. You know, I might moan about them when they are here making a mess and lots of noise, but I won't half miss them. 
Wishing you a great start to your week


  1. We've had that very same weather and it has certainly felt almost cold enough to snow on occasion, interspersed with warm sunshine and lots of rain.....but I thought that was Wales for you....

    Love the Noro stuff, thank goodness our LYS doesn't stock it. There is a wool event on at Builth Wells in a couple of weekends time, I would love to go, but I reckon being in a house full of boys it's off the cards....ah well, one day my tim will come!

  2. It's been really cold here too, even at 12 noon today it was -2C despite being very sunny and *looking* like a Summer day. It doesn't really rain much here, nowhere near as much as in Wales. As you may have read, my mum moved from Wales to live in our village in February and she was saying just yesterday that she hasn't used her umbrella more than once since she's been here. It's more a case of showers when you're least expecting them! That's the thing, they don't even last - they just seem to be activated while you go to the park(s) - maybe there are pressure pads or something, I don't know.

    Of course, it also means we already have a hose-pipe ban.

  3. It has seemed like a particularly long holiday this time because of the changeable weather. We have had no car all holiday and were so royally fed up of the park in our village that I took all three kids (7,3,18m) on the bikes on a TEN mile round trip to get to a different one!

    1. Oh my! That sounds like an ordeal! We are lucky that there are 4 small parks in walking distance and several more a short drive away.

      I don't think any of us could have managed that kind of bike ride :-/

  4. I ♥ your cloud pictures. I wish that all the bedrooms in my house had these pictures as their ceilings.

    Hope you have a good back to normality sort of a week.

    1. I have a friend who painted his daughter's ceiling and wall like this and then made an amazing diorama shelf - it was awesome!

  5. we were in Guildford today but sadly the yarn shop doesn't open on Sundays :(

  6. You have amazing will-power!!


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