WIP Wednesday: Something different

Hello dear Regulars, WIPers and Yarn Along-ers!

If you saw yesterday's "Bodging It" post, you'll have seen the most up to date photo of my Bella Wrap which is now about 60% done after my bodging. (If you haven't seen the post and have ever wondered how to "fix" a mistake in Moss Stitch, you may like to take a look.)

To be honest, a few evenings of knitting would have it finished but I just don't seem to have the energy. It's as if I've completely run out of steam. Maybe I still haven't fully recovered from my operation, or perhaps it's the unseasonably hot weather and being outdoors more but I'm struggling to stay awake much after 21:00 most nights, never mind being able to concentrate on anything creative. 

Regardless, today sees a new Work In Planning (it's not quite in progress yet - we need ribbons before we start and that will involve another trip out). I've mentioned before that I'm not a big one for Easter as it has no religious significance for me, but the pre-school is having a party and Easter Bonnet parade on Friday - Little Miss is very excited and can't wait to get making.  She's very much a 'hat girl' and loves cute/fluffy/pretty things, so this just about ticks all her boxes. 
I'll be back with the FO on Friday! 

Last Wednesday I was reading Catching Fire (Hunger Games) by Suzanne Collins which I finished soon after and then I quickly went on to complete the trilogy with Mockingjay. I have to say I did enjoy them a lot although I felt the second instalment was the weakest. Mockingjay was a satisfying conclusion to the trilogy and I've rated it 4 out of 5 stars on Goodreads. There was a bit of mild gore in the final book, more so than the first two, but I like the way the author has written the more harrowing scenes for the young adult audience. When I think of the Stephen King books I read as a teen these are much more tame.
On my Kindle at the moment is Super Sad True Love Story by Gary ShteyngartThis was one of the 99p Kindle Daily Deals and had good reviews so I thought it worth a go. I'm 10% of the way through and so far it's a funny satirical read, based on the diary of an older man and the electronic correspondance of a younger woman he meets as he's about to leave Rome to return to a futuristic United States on the verge of collapse.   I'll let you know how it turns out. (I found a waterproof gadget cover in Poundland today so I'm looking forward to some bath time reading this week!) 
Ribbon-shopping is upon us, so I'll bid you farewell for now xxxxx


  1. Ack, it's so hard to get things done craft-wise when you're tired. And this weather is definitely not conducive to snuggly knitting!

    I love the supplies you've got for the bonnet, although I now have 'Easter Parade' stuck in my head :) It's going to be great!

  2. Hope your Bella wrap continues to progress without any hiccups! I think the Easter bonnet is going to look really fun! I'm sure the kids really get into the idea of dressing up for a parade!

  3. I know when I'm tired it is hard to get myself to craft, even if it will ultimately give me some pleasure. I hope that you have a restful recovery from your operation.

  4. 60% done is a great accomplishment so far!

    I love those little bunny fluffs your little one has; they remind me of these things I used to win in middle school whenever we had a fundraiser.


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