Snippets (of life): this week in pictures

What a week! On Monday everyone was seemed back to health and back to school/pre-school. After being a nursemaid for a week, I rewarded myself with a bit of knitting during the couple of hours I had alone. Good job, because later that day, Little Miss was clearly still not right - lethargic, not eating and not wanting to move from me. "Babywearing" (is that term still applicable if your baby is 35 months old?) to the rescue. 

Tuesday was much more of the same, brightened only by the first glorious signs of Spring. 

By Wednesday, D was ill too and he really doesn't "do" ill. He ALWAYS works. This is some serious bug! 

Since Thursday our hallway has mostly been a "whole wide city". That was also the day a huge flock of birds put on an amazing fly-by (my iPhone wasn't fast enough to capture it all).  'Nanna' finished knitting My Boy's jumper.

By Friday evening, with D still ill in bed, Little Miss still not moving more than 2m from my side without a tantrum (completely unlike her, yet a trip to the Doctor showed there is nothing obviously wrong now) and mum and I totally exhausted, we resorted to wine and chocolate cakes....which I didn't even get to enjoy before LM had yet another melt-down and I fell asleep comforting her! 

Yesterday the weather was glorious - more like Summer than early-Spring. Mum & I headed to the farm park with the kids for some fresh air and sunshine. It should have been medicinal, but you can see from the picture that MB started going downhill again and by the evening was running another temperature - he's not well today *sob*

I find weeks like this to be incredibly trying. Not only because it's so hard to see the people you love being so ill and out-of-character but it's so completely exhausting, and there is no respite. I am no Florence Nightingale.  This is the second week I've had a feeling of ineffectiveness when little is done around the house, routines go out of the window, and there is no time for the things that I need to 'ground' me (see this post for my thoughts on knitting as meditation). It's a real challenge. 

Yesterday, with my mum (thankfully! What would I do without her, at the moment?) taking care of the household, I got to sit and knit *long breath out* - I couldn't resist casting on Ella Austin's Bunty Mitts from the current edition (issue 6) of Knit Now magazine with the yarn kit from Skein Queen.

It's my first colour-work project and the first time knitting from a chart so it should be interesting! I'll keep you posted with their progress. If you're following my Instagram feed there'll be more pics to come.
Hope you're having a much better week x


  1. Hi Sarah,

    Just left you an award on my blog, so pop around to collect it! I do understand if "this is not your thing".

    Celeste x

  2. That really was one hell of a week!
    It's still babywearing just heavy babywearing. It didn't have a name when I had mine except "oh my god there's a baby in there" I bought mine when I lived in Holland and was having Number 1 (now 13years old) and you didn't get them back in Britain. Best thing I ever bought! I used it until they were about 3 or 4. (Even at 13 and taller them me) nothing makes you feel better than cuddles from Mummy.
    Love the new pattern it's gorgeous.
    Take care of yourself too! Hope all you and yours get an easier time of things this week.

    1. Actually, MB is almost 6 and he'll still go on my back if I'll let him! *laugh*

      Thanks for your kind words

  3. Sounds like a full-on week, I'll bet you are very grateful for your mum being there now rather than being so far away as she was.....mums are such a massive blessing aren't they!

    I like your new knitting you always knit on circulars even when not in the round? I did my last project on circulars and trying t knit on straights needles last night I was all fingers and thumbs somehow. Your boys new jumper is gorgeous and what a great colour for a blondie!

    Have a better week.x

    1. Thanks Faith. Yes, I always knit on circulars - for any project, it's the only way I know I won't lose one of the needles! Plus it's not so heavy for long projects. In fact, the only straight needles I have are my DPNs, although I use magic loop on circulars more than I use DPNs unless it's a tiny project in which case I find DPNs less fiddly than constantly re-adjusting the cables.

      I saw some lovely rosewood straight needles that I wouldn't mind trying, just because they look nice. I might get a pair for my next scarf or something else narrow :)

  4. Love those small pink flowers!
    And that's going to be some beautiful mitts :)

    1. I think so - I hope I can do the pattern justice, although it seems relatively straight forward :)

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    1. Hi you sound like you had a very trying week. Its hard when people you love are poorly you feel so helpless and just want to make things right, thats what women do.
      I just feel very sad and lost at the moment, but I agree with you knitting is so medicinal good for the soul.
      Hope you have a better week.

  6. Mums are priceless, yeah? Sorry it's been so exhausting for ya. Cute, retro mitts.
    I do miss those Baby Bjorn days w/my Jo.

  7. Well this sounds like a rough week, I hope this week will be better. Wish the sick people well haha. Don't get sick yourself now. What will they do without you?

    Lovely pictures and I'm curious to see those mittens grow.

  8. Oh by the way, there is a Easter link party just started on my blog! Feel free to join.


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