I was determined...

...to have a Finished Object this week so I'd have something to show for a whole week passing. 

So here we are...
YARN: Unknown mini-skein from my hexipuff stash 
NEEDLES: 3.25mm DPNs

If you're wondering what I'll do with it, check out my Spring/Easter Pinterest board for clues.

Happy weekend!

PS Check out the final blogiversary giveaway - there's one week to enter!

Edited: I'm linking in with Suzanne's Crafty Easter party! 


  1. How super cute! I love this wee egg and the yarn is totally fab

  2. OOoooo lovely Sarah! What a beautiful yarn. I was just over at Purl Bee...so inspiring! :)x

  3. Oh, so cute! Are you going to make lots?

  4. Cute! I keep meaning to make a rainbow of eggs. Just need to find the polystyrene eggs I bought a couple of years ago.

  5. SUPER cute!!! (Just what I need, inspiration to make more stuff right now.) ;)

  6. Cute :) I want to get started on some Easter Crafts, in particular knitted eggs and I may just be able to make one of these a day around the new baby!
    I'm not finding the time for any other knitting ATM.

  7. Awe, so cute. Perfect for some instant gratification!

  8. Love it! Hmm, I guess it is time to start Easter knitting...

  9. Nooooooo way!! I made the exact same thing yesterday!!! Same pattern, different yarn. They are cute huh? I think I know what you want to do with them, but I'll keep it a little secret, ssssssssssssssh. I'm writting a post about my Easter plans this weekend. It will be such fun!

  10. Lovely . Ive started knitting again, so many things to make so little time. You inspire me. Thank you for your kind words on Facebook etc.


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