Bodging it! (aka "how I hid a mistake in Moss Stitch")

Last night I posted a knitting photo to Instagram. After I posted it I did a double take....
....and my heart immediately sank!
You see it? A mistake in the Moss Stitch waaaay back at the start of my Bella Wrap! *sob* 

I can't believe I didn't spot this before putting it right would involve undoing over half of the wrap - this sort of thing annoys the heck out of me. 

After a brief time spent pondering, I decided two things: 
1 - I have no intention of undoing this right back to the beginning, and  
2 - all that's really missing is a loop of yarn at the front in place of the missing purl.

A loop is easy to replicate, right? You just thread some yarn through and sew in the ends! 
It's not perfect, but I think it's good enough to not be noticeable when worn. 
What do you think? 

PS If you should spot any OTHER errors, please don't tell me!!!!!!!!! 


  1. Oooh, very clever! I like it :) I wouldn't have unravelled the whole thing, although I probably wouldn't have come up with such a cunning solution either!

  2. looks pretty good to me :-) !!

  3. You clever thing you! That's brilliant.

  4. Nobody will notice the mistake anymore. It looks like perfect. ;-)

  5. Actually, it looks great! There is no chance anybody would notice it!

  6. Now THAT is blinking genius! I will remember this trick!

  7. You cant notice anything dont worry .x

  8. What a great fix! I'm so glad you didn't have to rip back, or spend the rest of its life worrying about the mistake!

  9. Very clever. Way easier than any of the alternatives!

  10. I couldn't even see the mistake in the picture until I saw the before/after shot. Now every time you wear it you can be reminded that most people are blind to your ''imperfections'', and that you've become slightly more chilled and accepting. Control Alt...

  11. Great job, you can't even tell.

  12. That's a great way to fix that mistake! Why not right?

  13. What a smart solution! I also hate these kind of things, you want it to be perfect since you put time and effort in it. But hey, we're all human right? My mom always says that those mistakes are a sign that it is homemade with love and not by a machine!

  14. What a bummer! Still, you've fixed it fine I think - just forget about it...! No one will notice :)


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