Snippets (of life): The times they are a changin'

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Yesterday afternoon Little Miss spent an hour at the local pre-school and LOVED it. She is so excited about it. After half term break she will be going there twice a week - without me. Yes, I'll actually have 6 hours a week on my own! (Edited to add: I've wimped out and cancelled one of her sessions so it's only 3 hours for now - phew!!!!)

Anyone who has longed to have just 5 MINUTES peace (to drink a cuppa while it's still warm/ to go to the toilet without an audience/ to shower without being studied and then hearing "Muuuuum...your boobs are squishy.... your bum just wobbled" etc) may well think I'd be excited by this prospect. But I'm feeling decidedly uncertain. By the time My Boy started at nursery I was heavily pregnant and then I had Little Miss, so those hours became precious one-on-one time. This time around I have only housework to look forward to (which won't even take that long without my "helper" in tow).

If you have been here a while, you'll know that we don't want any more children, and no, we haven't changed our minds on this at all. AT ALL! But I can totally see why this is the time when some mothers might start to get broody. D has been talking about cats. We had two and they got old. Both died a few years ago and since then I have remained steadfast that I didn't want to 'replace' them. Who knows... 

On a more positive and decisive note, February is the month my mother moves from Wales to our tiny little English village. We are ALL so excited about this, for many different reasons. We timed the car journey to her new home and it's 3 minutes - it currently takes about 4 hours! She has the perfect job waiting for her to relocate and most importantly she will get to see the children every day. 

I'm really looking forward to spending more time with her. Time that's not condensed into a few days here and there where we have to be together all the time, but which is more relaxed and leisurely, when we will be able to do normal every-day things together. It means that D and I will be able to have some 'time out' too. We could really do with it. In the last 3 years we have been out together in the evening only twice - both times Mum drove from Wales to look after the kids. 

The times really are a changin'.


  1. Its amazing that your Mum is moving close by. I thought living 2 hours away from mine was bad, but your journey is much worse. 3 mins is an amazing improvement!

  2. That's six whole extra hours of knitting time you're talking about there!

  3. You will survive, be a bit sad, but when you see the joy on her face from each day's activities, you won't want it any other way.

  4. My littlest boy has just started nursery and it has had me deep thinking.....not about another, but just feeling a little odd, I can't sum it up more. We've just bought a puppy, but I think that is coincidental. I read an excellent article today that I saw on quilt while I'm ahead

    It made me laugh and feel like I wasn't alone in some of my thoughts.....

    That's brilliant that your mum will be close by, do you miss Wales, I'm afraid I'm a home bird and don't think I'll ever leave my little area of Wales, but I do have nearly all my family here, so that's different from you.

    Have a lovely weekend!

  5. It's bittersweet isn't it? I love having time w/my girls when they have no school yet at the same time, they drive me nuts w/their bickering! And yes, sometimes I miss the little one being my shadow although she still loves my company very much.
    Even though your little one will be off to preschool, she still is "little."
    And yeah, I hear ya; the baby factory is closed here too!

  6. I just posted about change to, my girl starts school in a week, yes school a whole 30 hrs a week away from me - eeek , feeling that clucky feeling but no more babies here either.

  7. Thank you all - it's so lovely to have your comments on this - yes, it's definitely bittersweet!

    The link Faith posted above is superb - I'd recommend it :)

    Tink, I wish my husband would see it like that :D

    Craftysquirrel & Faith I've replied to you via your blogs too x

  8. Get card! You'll need some thing warm to sit on you when you're having that cupost AND they will follow you to the bathroom. my youngest has just started school and its terrifying.

  9. I totally get what you are saying. When number 3 went to nursery I took a long time to get used to it but it was a great time to find me again.
    How utterly exciting! My Mum and Dad are 9hours drive from me and it breaks mine and their hearts saying goodbye, especially because the littlies are missing out on the opportunities to have Granny and Grandpa fun. It will be so lovely for you all to have your Mum close by and enjoy all of the benefits.


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