Lazy days

Aside from a Christmas Party this afternoon, it's been a very quiet and relaxing few days. The weather remained soggy and overcast, so we avoided the UK snow - there was a little on Friday but it didn't settle. However romantic snow at Christmas may seem, my mum and sister will be making the 4 hour drive to us at the end of the week and we all have to get to MIL's for lunch on Christmas Day - her house is quite inaccessible in snow or ice so we're hoping it'll stay away for the next 10 days. 

Much of our weekend has been spent cwtching, watching films (The Aristocats looks so dated now, but has lost none of it's charm), "croshaking" - that's what Little Miss calls it - and generally enjoying one another's company. After watching me make a pair of flowery mitts for one of his friends on Friday, My Boy put in a request of his own. We decided on stripes, and I hooked a pair for him yesterday. 

Inspiration came from a free pattern on one of my  Favourite Blogs  - The Green Dragonfly, with a few minor modifications to make them in the round, and add some shaping after the thumb hole.

Of course someone else has now requested a PINK pair, but she was easily distracted this morning with the latest Tiny Owl Knits design - a heartfelt ring! Yes, as soon as I saw the blogpost for this little Video-Knitalong (KAL) I made some for us both. They take hardly any time, or wool, and are great fun especially if you do actually knit along with the wonderfully kooky and charming Stephanie and her equally lovely cat. All you need to do is gather some 4ply 100% wool in two contrasting shades, your DPNs, small scissors and a needle and watch this video to see what to do with them...

I'll definitely make more - this is a great pattern for when you need a quick Ta-dah fix! I can also imagine some other little things using the same technique (napkin rings, bracelets....)


  1. ohh the mitts are so cute, I love the colours! And I need to make one of those rings... how can I keep up there are so many things and so little time!!!!

  2. How lovely to have some time at home enjoying each other's company and taking time to craft. I loved this post! Those rings are gorgeous, as are the mitts.

  3. The mittens are adorable and thank you so much for the knit along link. My daughter and I sat and laughed as we watched both parts. Very entertaining. We are also keen to give the rings a go but could not find any 4 ply pure wool in the house. Hmmm Might have to go yarn shopping again! LOL

  4. I love lazy days, esp when the weather is so miserable! We have had a few snow flurries but it wont settle. Today is just grey & miserable. Love the mitts!! & the rings, its a shame I cannot knit!!xx

  5. We have had a day in today, it's just too miserable to go out.
    Those mitts look great, I love that they are being worn whilst inside. It a sign that they are really loved.
    The rings look lovely, could be great little stocking fillers. If only I had more time!!

  6. i'm catching up on your posts, you have done some really cute stuff. love the mitts & those slippers are darling! also i'm loving the revamp! i want an avatar, where do you get one?

    we are the same way in west texas today, it's been raining all morning & it doesn't look like it's going to let up at all. it's ok though, we need all the rain we can get. :)

    have a great rest of the week & hopefully i can stay caught up on your stuff. :) merry christmas!

  7. Ah Aristocats that is my sisters favourite movie it's where she choose her blog name from. I hope you get to all your Christmas parties we are set for sunny and 30 at Christmas which does make for a lovely day though reading all the wonderful white christmas posts makes me yearn for a white christmas like in the fairy tales. Merry Christmas. xx


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