A better-late-than-never quickie!

(i) 08:15 - walking to school 
(ii) 14:55 - on the way to collect from school... under the moon
(iii) 15:55 - sunset from the traffic jam
(iv) 16:19 - almost dark

The Moon was incredible last night - huge and bright and clear. I read that it's going to be an "emotional full moon" this month, which is on Saturday. I'm not quite sure what that means... 

Anyway, yesterday passed SO quickly it was pitch black before I'd even thought about a WIP Wednesday post never mind taken any photos - and a progress post without pics means very little. So here, a day late, the 'midweek' update... 

Chele probably doesn't look terribly different to last week. I was making good progress on it but on Saturday night, when I was knitting the body, decided that it would be better if one or two additional sections were added to the arm. As it's a one-piece construction, this meant ripping out the body to get back to the sleeve. And since then, I'll admit that I haven't really wanted to look at it *face of shame* It's nice easy knitting, so maybe over the weekend... when we're relaxing. 

But oh! Just look at those lovely sunny pineapple sorbet Hexipuffs! After my recent binge last post, I couldn't wait to get on with the "missing colours" and these seem to have jumped off the needles over the last couple of evenings! 

Tonight it's going to be a pizza with the littlies and then an evening alone with some chocolate and a glass of vino, so I'm hoping to get a few more bits and pieces done in time for a Friday Ta-dah. 

Hope you're having a productive week! 


  1. Love the new puffs :) Such cute colours.

    The moon did look amazing last night. Hope it's a clear night on Saturday so I can get the full effect of this "emotional" full moon ;)

    Hope you get your motivation back for Chele soon.

  2. Thank you both.

    @Natalie, I think I will when I'm over this reconciliation phase with the puffs :D

  3. You make hexi-puffin' look so fun. I'll have to try that pattern one day.
    That sleeve just pops. It's such an awesome color and it's coming along wonderfully.

  4. looking forward to seeing how that cardi comes out, its such a lovely pattern.


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