No time?

My sister (MUCH younger, single and still living a 'student' life as she searches for a suitable PhD) and D (workaholic, not home much so when he is it's "funtime") often look at me like I am mad or deluded when I say I haven't had time to do something during the day, so when I saw that on Facebook yesterday it really resounded!

Hax mentions the joy of parenting. Yesterday we went to Denbies Vineyard to meet some friends. It was really windy. Little Miss had the BEST time running up and down a little hill in the wind - it really was a joy! 
Wishing you plenty of joyful moments today


  1. I only have one child, I don't know how people with more than one get anything done at all. When my husband has the day off he takes my daughter out somewhere so I can get things done and maybe have time for a cup of coffee by myself. Going out to work is easier than staying home. I cherish my child, but if I am working I get two breaks and a lunch. When home with my daughter there are no breaks. Parenting is truly rewarding, but definitely all consuming.

  2. Hi Sarah - thanks for the mention in your previous post! Great blog by the way!

  3. Sarah, I don't wonder how you don't get anything done - I wonder how you manage to write a blog and knit/crochet about 300 scarfs a week!!!!

  4. Taking 45 minutes to do something that should take 15 sums it up! I put things away only to realise they're coming back out as I walk on to do the next thing....... I do mess about it has to be said sometimes but nothing is ever A to B when you have kids. Great article!

  5. Why do mum's never have time? Well of course they do, it's that time when everyone's sleeping and they're squeezing the last few minutes out of a long day. See, posting comments at 1:40am is perfectly normal for a mum.........

  6. This seems to have resounded with lots of people - it's all over my facebook feed at the moment.

    @Babajeza - I know, it's so funny! And she's licking the wind!!!! :)

    @Natasha - if only that were true *sighs and looks at pile of unfinished objects scattered around the room*


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