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:: Please excuse the horrible photos - I had intended to write this after lunch during which D produced a bottle of my favourite wine which we shared, then I promptly fell asleep... and woke after dark! Whoops!::

It's been a few weeks since my last Year of Projects post as there has been SO much to distract me. When I finally decided to take a break from the completely addictive Beekeeper's Quilt to focus on other projects, Pixie Moon came along. Then there was the knitted boob recipe that had me busy at the beginning of the week.   So I'm pleased to report that there has been a little bit of progress on the projects from my list (and the page had a re-vamp too). 

On Tuesday a friend came around for a crochet lesson. She wanted to start by making the Apple Jacket from Mollie Makes issue 1, so I made one too. This is the third I've made but somehow it's turned out huge...or our apples have shrunk - I'm not sure which. 

The pattern is quick to make, very easy to follow and uses only a few basic stitches - it was my first ever crochet project six months ago, and beginner-friendly. I noticed tonight it is now available via Ravelry.

The White Company - £55
Also I finally started the cable armwarmers I wrote about last time. The joy of making things myself has been in the ability to make them exactly how I want them (give or take the odd mistake). So when inspiration struck in the form of The White Company catalogue, I didn't want to just make a direct copy of them, and when I couldn't find exactly what I wanted in any pattern, the process of making up my own began. 

The yarn selection was based on a review in Knitting magazine. It's Rowan Creative Focus Worsted which is 75% wool and 25% alpaca so whilst it's a very sturdy-feeling yarn it still has some fluffiness to it. 
I knitted a swatch (this is highly unusual for me as I'm a "wing it" kind of girl), and I tried out lots of different cables before deciding on something really simple and uncluttered, and last night cast on the first one. 

Having decided to make them narrower than the TWC pair - so they'll also fit underneath certain sleeves - the cable section is fairly narrow, and I'm not sure if I would prefer it to be wider. Looking at that dark sorry-looking picture it is quite amazing how much background work has gone into something that's wholly underwhelming!!! Hmmm... this one might yet end up as half a pair of child's legwarmers - that's another thing on my list.

The plan is to get these finished this week (one way or another) and then I can move on to Chele as I have some scrumptious purple yarn waiting to be transformed. 

I'm looking forward to catching up on everyone else's updates now, so that's it from me. 

Toodle pip! 
EDIT: Here's a better picture taken in the daylight the following morning :)


  1. Get you designing everything yourself ;) I like the look of your version of the armwarmers, I don't think they're underwhelming at all. The yarn looks particularly lovely so I definitely think you should keep them for yourself - even if there are some modifications to make ;)

  2. Thanks - I think I need to finish this one off and then decide. If necessary I'll just make two different pairs - I should have enough wool :)

  3. Being the wonderful sister that I am.. I'm willing to take them off your hands (arms?) if you aren't completely happy with them...

  4. I love it now a few of my friends can crochet. We have lovely crochet nights where we ooooo and aaahhh over each others FO's and WIP's. It really makes me happy.
    Loving the wrist warmers they are coming on a treat.

  5. I do not know ANYONE else who an crochet..my daughter thinks it is a bit 'naff' (I know...I didn't really pass on my crafty streak in the right way...she is an artist though)..I'm thinking of offering to do lessons just for the pleasure of sharing my love of the hooky! Love your arm warmers...:)x

  6. Your apple warmer looks cute! I loved them when I saw them in the magazine!

    Good for you to make up your own pattern for arm warmers. Bet they'll look great on!

  7. Truly inspired by your arm warmers....my sister loves twc and I reckon they'd be something she might actually use.....maybe I'll hunt out a crochet version. Very clever doing your own design!

    I am very excited about your chele, it's a pattern I've looked at before, I love the sleeves and bet it would look lovely in purple......get knitting!

    Have a great week!

  8. Sometimes we need those creative spurts to get us back on track. The cabled piece would be cute as leg warmers!

  9. Those mitts will be so chic to wear! You go on improv and forging your own way on this.


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