I was going to wait until my WIP Wednesday post in a couple of days but can't stand that I had to use those horrible dark pictures in my post last night, so having photographed the first finished armwarmer today and feeling very happy about them,  I have to share these....

.... aaaand breathe!  That's SO much better :) I really like it in the daylight - see how much the cable opens up on the arm, and the subtle colour variations in the yarn - it's exactly how I hoped it would look *grin*.

Over the last few days, I've seen a couple of pictures (including this and this) of items made from my patterns and it felt so incredible that the notes I'd made on my screen had been transformed into an actual THING by someone else's hands! As a result, I'm now in the process of making a few different versions / options of these armwarmers and finalising the pattern which will be made available as a free Ravelry download once it's been tested (thanks to the lovely Raveller who pointed me in the direction of the Free Pattern Testers group!). Writing some more patterns - even very simple and basic ones like these - feels like the next step forward as I approach my first "knitaversary". 

And before I go, you may already know that I also co-ordinate the fledgling blog at Natural Mamas. Well today I posted a poem by one of the Natural Mamas forum members which has had a record number of hits and mentions for us around the web so it's clearly struck a note. (If you are hormonal, I'd recommend a tissue) You can find it here. Enjoy! 

I'll be back tomorrow with something very special to me *squee*


  1. That poem is just beautiful, and I love the armwarmers!!

  2. Hi Sarah... Yep, the new photos definitely do the arm warmers a LOT more justice...they (it) are looking scrumptious! The poem on Natural Mamas is so moving..I did indeed need a tissue or two...even though my youngest just turned 21! :)x

  3. Glad you posted because they do look lovely!

  4. crochet with raymond22 November 2011 at 02:05

    they look sooooo lovely and snuggly!!!!

  5. Wow those arm warmers are gorgeous!! Wishing I could knit!!!!!

  6. The armwarms look very very beautiful! Wanties!

  7. Ooooh, they look awesome! Glad you persevered, because the cable does work really well on the arms :)

  8. so beautiful Sarah!! maybe one day i will actually be able to knit them lol xx

  9. Those look so divine to wear. Awesome job.


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