Year of Projects: Around and around we go!

One of the YoP items that we really actually NEED is a little throw for the back of the sofa (I'll go into the reason for this need when I have finished and post a ta-dah) so I decided that it was about time I cracked on with this instead of searching for other things to make. 

On Friday I picked up a hook and the yarn that matches my sitting room (because everything has to be matchy-matchy!) and started making circles. The artwork and curtains (pictured too brightly here) have circles on them so it just seemed like the right thing to do. The colours are a great match to the cushions and rug and I am hoping it'll all work out as well as it does in my head. 

I absolutely love the way this yarn is looking and it's so nice to crochet with. I used the chunky version in another colourway for Little Miss' recent tunic and will be using it again for sure. It's King Cole Riot DK in "Ace" which is a wool/acrylic mix and feels quite 'woolly' but with a silky sheen so it glides beautifully and doesn't split at all and makes for fast easy crochet.  The pictures don't do it justice at all, but you can tell, I'm a big fan. 

I have some ideas about how the circles will be joined, but no definite plan yet as I'm just improvising - it'll be fun to experiment....and I'll post an update next Sunday - wish me luck :) 
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  1. Those little circles are so matchy-matchy can't wait to see the finished throw. xx

  2. ooooooo pr-et-ty! Love the colours, but I am a Riot addict.Looking forward to seeing this experiment develop.

  3. Those little circles match so well. So you think the Riot is good for hooking then? I have a load of Riot DK which I hope will become a poncho for daughter and granddaughter. Was planning to knit but maybe crochet will be better then?
    Look forward to seeing how you join all those circles together.

  4. Beautiful choice of hues and tones for your circles ... sounds like you're having a very nice Sunday!! Happy hooking.

  5. Lovely project and lovely colour, I've read lots about riot but never actually seen it, look forward to seeing this next week. Good luck!

  6. The circles look great so far, and the final project will definitely connect with the other colors and artwork!

  7. I love your circles and the colours are gorgeous! I'm looking forward to seeing more of this! :)

  8. There is something almost mechanical (in a good way) about all those lovely cog-like circles. Looking forward to watching it grow!

  9. Perfect with the artwork - very nice yarn choice!

  10. Such great matching! Your crocheted circles are adorable and I am looking forward to seeing your finished project.

  11. What a neat way to be inspired by art!

  12. The colours in the little circles look perfect for your room. Good luck with the throw and I'll look forward to seeing pics as you progress.

  13. Lovely colours! They match perfectly indeed! Can't wait to see more pictures of your work in progress!


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