WIP Wednesday: Sitting Room Circles

Hello! A quick Work In Progress update with Tami's Amis while I can get online as I already updated on my Beekeeper's Quilt progress yesterday.  

I introduced these little circles on Sunday in my Year of Projects post,  and since then I've started experimenting with joining them together. At first I tried a border around them (joining with the border) but I didn't like it. It's the simplicity of these that appeals, so I just started sewing some together and it's the effect I was hoping for so I'm sticking with it. 

The first few joins were "hidden" but I quite like the look of the stitches so I'm not trying to make them quite so inconspicuous now and I'm satisfied with the back too.

These are all from one ball of yarn so I think this will probably take about 5 or 6 more. I'm hoping the wool content may be sufficient to be able to block this a little as it looks so much nicer when 'opened up'. 
(If not, what? Maybe a very light iron? Need to experiment!)

At the moment, I'm really only working on these two projects, but I suspect I'll want to get a "quick fix" with something else soon, so I'm wondering what to make with these....

Have you seen all the lovely Hoopla colours?  Hmmm... decisions decisions! 

Thanks for popping in today!


  1. I like your circles. I've got some of the hoopla yarn and it comes in some fab colours :)

  2. The circles are looking great, can't wait to see how they progress :)

    The last picture is awesome and yet slightly terrifying ;)

  3. If you pin out your circles once it's finished and all joined up, a light steam should be enough to even it out, open up the stitches and keep the shape.

    I tested several blocking methods on a 50/50 wool/acrylic blend and steaming was the only thing that really worked.

  4. Beautiful circles Sarah... I love your colour choice with these... it's going to look fantastic when it is finished :)x

  5. Holy mess, those are some huge needles! o.O

  6. The circles are lovely.
    OMG those a some HUGE needles :)Who size doesn't matter????
    I have just started to follow you on Pintrest.

  7. What is the rest of the fiber content? If it is acrylic, perhaps it would be safer to wet block with no iron? The circles look lovely as you have them joined!

  8. The circle project looks like so much yarn-y fun!

  9. The circles look great and those are some HUGE needles!

  10. I love your circles! So inspired!!


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