Something new! (A Year of Projects post)

I didn't start knitting until the beginning of this year so as the new season's catalogues are hitting the doormat filled with winter woollies, it's a whole new and exciting experience - I'm no longer looking for things to BUY, but for inspiration for the project queue! When I put together my Year of Projects list in June, I'd planned to make these Fingerless Mittens so I could try knitting cables, but The White Company catalogue arrived on Friday featuring these little beauties and I seem to have changed my mind!  

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest
This evening I found a cable needle in my knitting 'kit' and had a go. In no time at all had made my first simple cable based on this coffee sleeve

There are several patterns that I like including One Cable Mitts and Slouchy Cable Sleeves (and so many more on Ravelry), but I may just try making it up myself. I'm quite excited about it and am now deciding which yarn to order - I really like the idea of pale grey - maybe an alpaca/merino yarn would be suitably yummy.

Not much progress on the other YoP items, but I'll tell you more about that next Sunday. Hope you all have a great week! 

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  1. I love your mitts-and plan to make myself a pair or two after Christmas. I did a cable project this summer for the first time, and was pleasantly surprised by how easy they were to do. Have a wonderful week--

  2. Gosh Sarah .. you say you've only been knitting a short while yet you can do such lovely cables !! The One Cable mitts on Ravelry look nice.

  3. I did a bit of cable knitting over the weekend. The Fingerless Mittens turned out great. But now I feel that I have to knit the long grey sleeves in your post too. Thank you for the lovely picture. I dropped the hooks. I'm back to the needles. :-)

  4. Your knitting is so impressive when you've been doing it for so little time., both links are nice, but I think I prefer the slouchy ones....maybe make both?! Isn't it nice to look at something in a magazine/catalogue and think, I can make that!

    More yarn shopping....lucky you!

  5. I'm doing exactly the same with my Brora catalogue, though I think the sweaters may have to wait a while!

    Gorgeous gloves, I think the One Cable Mitts are beautiful. I just finished Dashing, but the cable doesn't run the full length on those.

  6. Ahw man, I wish I could knit! It looks so cool! :)
    ps Have you entered the giveaway on my blog yet? Today (October 31st) is the last day to enter & win! :)

  7. I know what you mean about it being fun looking at knitwear and thinking about making it yourself - this is the first time for me too ;)

    love those mitts, and your cables look great.

  8. The cable looks great! Making your own patterns is always fun!

  9. Lovely lookin' cable; it's so relaxed. Great salmon color for the coffee cup cozy.

  10. You did it, you made a cable! It's great fun isn't it? I finished my first mitten, but now I have to make another one. Were do I find the time haha. I must say, the double pointed needles are not that hard. Once you have a start it's just following the pattern! Mine are without cables and I would love to make some with cables. We'll see! Winter isn't here yet ;-).


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